June 20, 2024

Types of Home Security and How These Systems Affect Home Sales

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Security is always a big consideration for any home buyer. After all, everyone wants a secure home. It would be easy to assume that any investment into home security will mean a direct benefit when it comes to selling the house, but it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. In this article, Real Estate World Blog presents a quick look at five common types of home security and how they affect home sales.

Smart Tech

There are many forms of smart tech you can use to secure your home, from cameras to alarm systems and even smart locks. These are the newest, most exciting forms of security technology, so they automatically attract the attention of potential buyers. However, you need to be smart (no pun intended) with your purchases and know what to expect. According to New York Magazine, smaller investments under $1,000 may help a home sell faster, but they will not necessarily be reflected in a price increase. If you do decide to invest in smart security systems, check out this guide to the best options currently available.

Driveway Security Gate

A driveway security gate is a particularly good addition if you have a large driveway or a lawn that is easily accessible from the street. Models come with a large variety of features (keypad, intercom, camera, etc.), meaning they can be as simple or as high-tech as you want them to be.

Upgraded Home notes that the cost for an automatic driveway security gate professionally installed ranges from $3,000-$12,000 nationally, which includes the gate itself. This is not a cost you are likely to directly recoup. However, if you choose a model that boosts curb appeal you may see some money from the investment.


Going lower-tech, installing a fence is a particularly good idea if you live on a busy street or are more of a private person. There are a ton of choices when it comes to materials and design, so do your due diligence and see what’s available before reaching out to professionals to install it. Research and find fence companies near you by using an online service directory that provides ratings and customer reviews for most professionals. Make sure the company you choose is insured and licensed, and get a detailed estimate up front to avoid surprise expenses. This type of addition to your home could increase its appraisal value, so make sure you keep records.


According to Realty Times, one of the most desirable security features for home buyers is also one of the simplest. Motion sensor lighting scares away any potential nighttime intruders, but it is also a practical addition for the homeowners themselves.

Another way you can use lighting to protect your house is by investing in a smart lighting system that you can control remotely. You can, for instance, regularly turn a few lights on when you are away on vacation so the house doesn’t look empty.


When you think security, you don’t often think about plants, but think again. Tactical landscaping can protect your house from intruders by making it harder for them to scope out the layout, find hiding spots, or even get close to the house. This boosts security in a way that is almost too subtle for buyers to pick up on, so the main impact on home sales will come from curb appeal. Make sure any changes you make are not just practical but aesthetically pleasing too.

Neighborhood Watch

Not all forms of security are within your control. There is some argument among realtors on whether neighborhood watch signs help or deter sales of homes in the area. On one hand, it indicates that your neighbors are invested in your home’s safety — a reassuring thought. On the other, it makes buyers wonder why a neighborhood watch is necessary in the first place.

Essentially, it comes down to whether the buyer expects crime. If you live in an area where crime is relatively high, a neighborhood watch is a plus for buyers. If you live somewhere that anyone would assume to be completely safe, it’s a red flag. Reading up on your area’s crime statistics is a good place to start because buyers will have done so as well.

Buyers will always be interested in features that make them feel safe, especially if they come with other advantages (such as curb appeal or convenience). However, the effects of security on home value are likely to be subtle and indirect. Invest only in the security systems that you want for your house, not the ones you think will increase a home’s selling price, because there is no guarantee this will happen.

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