April 17, 2024

How to Insure Your Rural Property in Texas

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Texas farm and ranch insurance

Your Texas farm and ranch insurance are critical to protecting your land and livestock. You might also need to consult a Texas auto insurance agency to protect your automobile assets. Overall to protect your property from unmitigated circumstances, you need insurance covering your entire rural property.

Endorsed local providers are probably the best people to help you insure your rural property in Texas. You might be wondering how to insure your rural property, isn’t it? This article will tell you the extent to which you need to cover your rural property to ensure you are covered. So, read on.

What is Farm and Ranch Insurance?

Farm and ranches are a blend of commercial and personal properties. So, you need flexible insurance policies that are of a wide range. You need to have a strong farm and ranch insurance policy that covers your home, personal belongings and the property used for agricultural business.

You need Farm and Ranch insurance to ensure you have coverage in case of damage or unmitigated accidents.

What are All the Options Available in Rural Property Insurance?

When you are getting insurance for your rural property, you need to ensure the following coverages and be aware of other coverages available too:

Cover Your Home

You need to ensure you get an insurance policy to cover your personal property on the ranch or farm. Your home or dwelling will have a policy similar to the homeowner’s insurance policy. Such policies will cover your losses from storms, fires, and so on. 

Try to have an insurance policy that also covers the other structures apart from the main building. This aspect of coverage will not cover the buildings intended for commercial use. You can find farm and ranch insurance policies that can cover your personal landscaping features, plants, and gardens.

Cover Your Farm or Ranch Equipment and Operations

Your Farm and Ranch insurance policy must cover your ranch equipment and operations. These are machinery and tools used for agricultural purposes. You will need to work closely with your insurance agency to get a policy covering your crops, livestock, tools, machinery, and land.

There are four main categories in the farm or ranch equipment and operations insurance:

  • Farm Machinery and Equipment
  • Farm Products
  • Livestock
  • Other Agricultural structures like barn, stable, and workshops.

Covered Reasons of Loss

Based on covered causes of loss, you have basic, broad, and special coverage for your farm or ranch. This is another flexible option that Texas farm and ranch insurance policies offer.

Covered Reasons of Loss- Basic Coverage

The basic coverage protects your farm only from lightning or fire, hail or windstorm, civil commotion or riots, aircraft, vandalism, smoke, vehicles, malicious mischief, sinkhole collapse, volcanic action, theft and covered farm machinery or livestock damaging collisions.

Covered Reasons of Loss- Broad Coverage

In a broad coverage, conjointly with the basic coverage, your farm can be protected from electrocution, dog attacks, falling objects, accidental shooting or drowning of livestock, breakage of glass, loading/unloading accidents, building collapses, sudden and accidental discharge of steam or water, freezing of heating systems, appliances, and plumbing, and sudden and accidental injuries due to electricity.

Covered Reasons of Loss- Special Coverage

The special coverage protects all the loss you face physically and directly except those that are limited or specifically excluded. Some exclusions include fire damage from tobacco, weather-related damage in the interiors, hail or wind damage to dairy products, farm products, or other equipment when they are left in the open, and more.


So, if you own a rural property, protect your assets by getting Texas farm and ranch insurance along with a Texas auto insurance agency that has endorsed local providers like Insureberry.

Insureberry is an insurance agency that will provide you with the right coverage without much hassle. They will ensure you are secure and have a Texas farm and ranch insurance policy that meets your needs aptly. Moreover, you will get affordable and the highest standards of customer care from Insureberry. So, don’t wait. Insure your rural property completely with the tips given above.

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