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Leonora Gading Serpong – First Attic House at Symphonia Summarecon

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Leonora Grading Serpong

At the beginning of 2022, Summarecon Serpong introduced a new cluster in the Symphonia area called Cluster Leonora @Symphonia Serpong.
Carrying the concept of a modern tropical residence, Cluster Leonora Gading Serpong is equipped with a spacious attic room. In fact, Leonora became the first cluster with the Attic Room at Summarecon Serpong.
The location of this cluster is in the Gading Serpong area, precisely in front of Melody Lake covering an area of 21 hectares. This is the main attraction of Leonora because you can enjoy the soothing views of the lake and gardens every day.

Summarecon Serpong DeveloperSummarecon Agung is one of the leading developers in Indonesia. Summarecon developers have decades of experience in the property sector.

To date, Summarecon has succeeded in developing various property products, ranging from independent townships, residential clusters, apartments, commercial areas, and other property products. At least, Summarecon has built 11,000 housing units, 1,100 apartment units, and 2,000 shophouses.

In addition to developing properties, Summarecon also builds various facilities to meet the needs of its residents. This is one proof of the developer’s commitment to building a comfortable residence.

The Summarecon Agung project has spread to various cities, such as Tangerang, Bandung, Bekasi, and many more unit Type and Price of Leonora Gading Serpong
Cluster Leonora @Symphonia provides two types of residential units, namely Type L6 (6X12) and Type L7 (7×12). Each type provides a choice of Deluxe, Premium, Attic Room, and Hook units. More details are as follows:

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Type 6×12 (L6)LT 72m2LB 80 m2Attic RoomChoice of 3 Bedrooms and 4 Bedrooms available10% DP, 8 million installmentsPrices start from 1.7 Billion
Type 7×12 (L7)Floor 84m2LB 92 m2Attic RoomChoice of 3 Bedrooms and 4 Bedrooms available10% DP, 9 million installmentsPrices start from 2.2 Billion
The Leonora Gading Serpong Cluster is located close to the Agnesi Cluster, which was previously released, in the Melody Symphonia area. This cluster is also located close to the university development area in the Symphonia area.

In addition, it only takes 15 minutes from and to the Gading Serpong toll exit KM 18, 13 minutes from and to Summarecon Serpong Mall, and 10 minutes from and to Scientia Square/Giant Gading Serpong.
Leonora Gading Serpong Cluster Position
10 minutes from Scientia Square Park13 minutes from Summarecon Serpong Mall15 minutes from Gading Serpong toll exit38 minutes from Soekarno Hatta AirportThe location of the Leonora Cluster is also close to various public facilities, ranging from shopping centers, hospitals, educational institutions, to tourist attractions.
Nearest shopping center: Summarecon Mall Serpong, Paramount Modern Market, QBIG BSD City, AEON Mall BSD, Sinpasa Gading Serpong Modern Market.
Nearest hospital: Mitra Keluarga Gading Serpong Hospital, St. Carolus Summarecon Serpong, Bethsaida Hospital, Siloam Hospital Kelapa Dua.
Nearest educational institution: Esa Unggul University, Multimedia Nusantara University, Al Azhar School, Matana University, IPEKA.
Nearby attractions: Scientia Square Park, Ocean Park, Gunung Batu Hill Park, Branchsto BSD, Sakura Park AEON BSD.
FacilitiesThe Symphonia area has various excellent facilities, such as:
The green area in the form of City Park and Lake Symphonia covers an area of ​​21 hectaresCommercial Areas, Schools and Universities, and Places of Worship in the cluster areaPedestrian & Bicycle Lane Network 5-6 km24/7 security: disabled, kids, and elderly-friendlyBaobab tree, tree of lifeSuper aesthetic lake that can be used as a place of recreationThe clubhouse is equipped with complete sports equipment, a swimming poolChildren’s playground that is safe for your little one
InteriorsCluster Leonora provides bedrooms with exclusive interiors. Room lighting is also very maximal with the presence of large windows in each room.

The dining room that is integrated with the kitchen certainly gives the impression of relief to each Cluster Leonora unit. With a seamless concept, this room gives a warm impression on the family.

If you want to focus more when WFH, you can also take advantage of the workspace available in the Leonora Cluster unit. This room can also be used for online meetings and various other activities.

The Attic Room in the Leonora Cluster unit is the main advantage you can get. With the super cozy Attic Room concept, you can use it as a place to relax with your family.

Want your house guests more relaxed? The Attic Room can also be used as an additional living room to welcome friends and relatives.

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