May 20, 2024

Jove Clone App – What It Takes To Develop A Successful On demand Real Estate Service App

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Jove Clone App

Real estate agents were the matchmakers that used to connect the sellers and buyers. With the shift in the technology world businesses changed the way it used to happen and that includes real estate as well. We are living in an era of on demand apps. Everything is at our fingertips – few taps on the smartphones and we get it done. On demands apps are making our lives easier and better. And that includes the real estate industry too. On demand real estate service app is the new entry in on demand market.

Normally, an individual looking for property has to go through different real estate agents. Paying the fees to locate a good property. On demand real estate apps reduce the need for real estate agents. Building a Jove clone app, and on demand real estate app reduces the pain points of the people. Also, they get to connect with the buyers directly, browse endless properties, take a virtual tour, and so on. 

People have started showing interest by installing on demand apps. In this, the blog we will discuss in detail demand real estate apps

Online Real Estate Market Is Showing Promising Results How Will It Benefit The Business?

  • With everything going online, consumers nowadays prefer browsing online. People are finding it easy in searching for properties online from the comforts of their homes. 
  • On demand real estate service apps are increasing in two folds, promising higher conversion ratio to the businesses
  • It increases the wider audience base, as the app is available 24/7/365 days
  • The app acts as the marketing tool that lets you promote and advertise 3rd party services, thus generating more revenues
  • Eliminating the expensive fees that mediators used to charge, a seller can directly list their properties easily.
  • Better visibility to the properties 
  • With virtual tour which is as good as real viewing, thus helping your business with the necessary boost even during COVID19 times.

Top Features To Integrate Into Your Jove Clone On demand Real Estate App

  • Users can register through social media accounts, email id, or phone.
  • Create and edit profile ( personal details, contact number, and email id)
  • Add a property (sell, buy, or rent)
  • Search property listing 
  • Advanced filter and sort
  • Virtual tour
  • Get real estate agent details
  • Built-in map
  • Currency converter 
  • Push notifications
  • Feedback/ ratings

Advanced Level Features Of On demand Real Estate App Services

Geo-location tagging 

The feature let the user check the nearby properties in the set location

Interest calculator

The feature lets you determine the real interest rates, allowing the user to know the monthly payments. 

Mortgage calculator

The feature let the user calculate the loan/mortgage, calculating the monthly EMI that he/she will be paying for the property

Social sharing

The features allow the user to share the details on social media platforms thus enhancing your app performance

How Much Does It Cost To Develop On demand Real Estate App Services?

The cost of developing a real estate mobile app development requires considering various aspects such as app platform, type of app, features, and most importantly it depends on the jove clone app development company that you choose. The real estate app developers will be sitting with you while developing your dream concept. They are the best people to suggest to you the right technological aspect that your app should have along with the essential features to go with. 

Make sure that the real estate mobile app development company you choose has a great many years of experience and expertise in developing on demand app. Look for their client testimonials and the kind of app they have launched in the Play Store/ App Store

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