June 20, 2024

Kosher Pesach Programs 2021 in Abu Dhabi

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You can plan to celebrate your Passover in Dubai and Abu Dhabi this year. Yes, this year it is possible to spend your Holidays in a different location- UAE. After the signing of a peace agreement between two countries- Israel and the United Arab Emirates, both countries are going to open their doors for each other.

This agreement has encouraged many Passover program operators to plan Passover programs 2021 in UAE including Abu Dhabi. Many leading Passover program operators have started listing Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and many others placed in UAE on their website for kosher travels. If you are planning to celebrate Passover 2021 at a different place in a different style, then you should book your seats for the Passover program 2021 in Abu Dhabi.

Different Passover Programs will suit your needs and requirement. You just need to contact the experienced Passover program operator who can help in making this Passover unforgettable for you.

Many people are afraid of the easy availability of kosher meals in the UAE. But, you do not need to worry about it because hotels in the UAE are all set to prepare special kosher meals for their Jewish guests. Various hotels in the UAE are in high gear to provide kosher food to kosher travelers.

UAE government is in touch with the Orthodox Union to certify kosher food in this gulf country. The tourism minister in Abu Dhabi issues a letter to all hotels in the city. This letter is for instructing all hotels in Abu Dhabi to include kosher food options in their menu. Also, all hotels have to prepare a special kitchen area to prepare kosher food. Orthodox Union has already started a dialogue with last year’s kosher fest organizer to offer Kosher in Dubai. 

It has been recorded that many Passover program operators have started talking to various hotel owners in UAE for the 2021 Passover holidays of Jews. Passover program operators have suffered a huge loss in 2020 due to awake of Coronavirus pandemic. Now, Passover program operators are hoping that this agreement between Israel and UAE will appeal to Jews to spend their holidays at the luxury destination. Before signing this deal, many operators were thinking that this will be another year of failure. But, Abu Dhabi is becoming the hottest vacation spot for Jewish travelers. Many of them have already planned and booked their seats for the upcoming Passover celebration. According to the reports, many businessmen are traveling to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and many more places in the UAE. Also, there is a lot of discussion about spending the upcoming holidays in Dubai.  

Emirate airlines unit, Dubai flights, and Emirates Flight catering have signed a deal to build separate kosher food production facilities in UAE.  A partnership has been signed with CCL and it is known as Kosher Arabia. It is expected that this product will start by January 2021. Emirates Flight Catering is one of the world’s largest catering operators. This catering operator is now serving more than 100 airlines.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between hospitality providers Blue Horizon and 1070 Kitchen situated in London. Blue Horizon will establish a kosher kitchen to supply kosher food to hotels, resorts, restaurants, and tourist attraction points. 1070 kitchen has already supplied kosher meals to various hotels in London. They have also served their kosher meals to Ritz and the Savoy. Kosher food prepared by 1070 kitchen is also served to various airlines including El-Al’s lounge. UAE has also announced that they have opened a kosher restaurant in the tallest building in the world- BurjKhalifa. Armani/Kaf is part of the Armani hotel and it is situated on the ground floor of the tallest building in the world.  Armani/Kaf restaurant provides kosher meals to the Jewish people and they also offer room services and delivery of food throughout Dubai. The kitchen of Armani/Kaf is supervised by Rabbi Levi Duchman.

You can make Passover 2021 unforgettable by visiting the amazing places in the UAE. This Passover would be different from you. As we have already explained that UAE is becoming the hottest tourist destination for Jewish people. So, if you planning to celebrate the upcoming Passover in UAE, then book your seats right now. You should select your Passover program 2021 right now.

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