June 13, 2024

LoopNet Clone App – Get Started With A Successful Real Estate On Demand App in 7 Days

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People love convenience. The conventional way of looking for the property, connecting with the real estate agent, and taking time to see the property was time-consuming and costly. All thanks to the real estate on demand app services that are providing property browsing from the comforts of the home, anytime and anywhere.

Looking at profits that on demand app services are generating, it is quite evident for the entrepreneurs to develop a LoopNet clone app resembling similar features in it.

Why Develop LoopNet Clone On Demand App?

The on demand real estate app service has changed the way real estate used to work. Consumers love browsing properties from their smartphones. What attracts start-ups and entrepreneurs to develop real estate on demand app: 

  • There is an upsurge in the ratio of the people browsing properties online
  • It makes it easy and convenient to explore properties in different cities through the real estate app.
  • It is beneficial for the real estate agents to reach out to the masses compared to one on one communicating 
  • The real estate on demand app makes everything transparent and quick
  • The enhances consumer engagement 
  • It makes it easy for the sellers and buyers to get connected through the app eliminating the middleman services
  • For those who do not wish to pay real estate agents can directly deal
  • Apart from buying and selling, consumers can avail several real estate relevant services such as a mortgage, documentation work related to the property, insurance, etc.

Business Model – On demand LoopNet Clone Real Estate App

Before buying on demand real estate app service, it is important to know which kind of business model is right for your business.  The business model means, what kind of app type will be suitable to carry your business operations seamlessly. 

Aggregator model

This real estate app model acts as a bridge between a service provider and a buyer. The app is a marketplace, that has an exhaustive listing of service providers relevant to the real estate industry connecting with the users. 

Own real estate service app

It is for those who are already in the real estate business. They can be real estate agents, builders, or relevant service providers. Having a dedicated app acts as your online brand entity. The business is unlimited, as the app keeps receiving the leads and helps you generate profits. The app not only gets your real estate business ahead but, also automates your entire business activities. Additionally keeps you updated with your financials as well.

How To Generate Multiple Stream Of Income From LoopNet Real Estate App

The on demand LoopNet clone real estate service app lets you generate multiple stream of income such as:

  • Charging a small percentage from the real estate service provider that comes onboard
  • Charing a fixed amount of fee from the users for every inquiry they send
  • The app can generate income from banner ads that comes from the 3rd party source
  • Reap profits by promoting the real estate service on the app
  • By charging a membership fee
  • By charging the “featured service providers” on the app

Real Estate Mobile App Development Cost

There is no one size fit rule for this question. The cost of developing a real estate mobile app depends on many things – that includes choosing an app development company, the location, app platform, features, maintenance and upgrade, and other such things.

The cost of your LoopNet clone on demand real estate app depends on the complexity of the features taken into account. Integrating advanced level features will cost more.

The Final Part – Developing On Demand Real Estate App

Hiring a real estate app development company is the perfect way to launch yours on demand real estate service business. Compared to freelancer app developers which might look cheaper but the kind of professionalism and precision that a mobile app company brings to the table is unquestionable.

Make sure to take the live demo of the app.  Buying a white-label clone app solution script is always recommended then developing it right from the scratch. Not only it saves time but the app is developed at the fraction of the cost.

Check the app development company website, client testimonials, and how many successful app launches they have made it to the App Store/ Play Store.

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