July 21, 2024

Zillow Clone App – Transform Your Real Estate Business With Ondemand Real Estate Agents App

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Zillow Clone App

COVID19 has disrupted every industry across the globe. Ondemand apps have been a huge savior in letting businesses finding ways to get back on the tracks, and reaping profits. Like any other industry, real estate market has gone down. So, how to boost your real estate business in this pandemic? Build a Zillow clone app and connect your real estate agents, service providers with the users, and kickstart your ondemand business.

The pandemic is showing no signs of going away, let’s not COVID19 dictate your business. Take the reins in your hand and create your own zillow clone app in just 7 days.

Who Should Build An App Like Zillow?

In a business like real estate, there are usually two parties in the interaction process. 

  1. The one who is offering the services ( this involves real estate service providers, sellers, etc.)
  2. The one who is buying ( it is a buyer/consumer)

The Zillow clone app can hugely benefit those who:

  • Startup entrepreneurs that are looking to launch their real estate app in a short period
  • Wish to establish themselves in ondemand real estate market
  • Those who are already made a mark but, looking to expand and grow opportunities
  • Real estate agents and agencies
  • Builders

How Your Business Will Benefit From Real Estate Zillow Clone App?

If you are having second thoughts about developing the Zillow clone app for your real estate business, we show you a wide range of benefits of how this amazing real estate agencies app can bring your business a profitable boost.

Increases qualified leads

Leads…leads..leads… real estate is all about getting hot leads.

It is a time-consuming process to find and gather qualified leads. Unless you have a sales funnel strategy in place, the app can do wonders in bringing you leads. When the consumers, service providers start using your app, putting inquiries for the buying, selling, or renting the property. Apart from property buying and selling, there are other different types of work involved related to property. The more your app used by real estate agents, and consumer, it increases the volume of leads.

It acts as a great marketing tool

Real estate agents apps prove to be a brilliant marketing tool for your all marketing activities. The app lets you run different marketing ads, promotional campaigns, promote your service providers/ real estate agent services and more. The app lets you perform all kinds of marketing activities, that you need no spend extra for your marketing campaigns. Additionally, the push notification feature lets you notice any new launch or announcement to the masses in just a few taps.

Brand recognition

The app acts as your virtual store. It is the face of your brand that consumers, real estate agents as well as real estate fraternity collaborate and connect. The more you enhance your app performance, it raises the brand awareness, converting your business entity into an established one. 

It builds a customer base 

The Zillow clone app lets you run various referrals and loyalty programs through which you can easily build a loyal customer base. Run such programs for your users and let them benefit by pitching them low price membership, deals/discounts/ gift vouchers, etc. 

It increases customer engagement

The Zillow clone real estate app is an excellent tool that bridges the gap between you and your users. People can easily connect with you, sharing their concerns/queries. This way you get to improve on the loopholes, and issues. Showing your customers you care, will automatically boost the real estate app rankings on the search engines.

Reduces overhead cost

Your real estate app is doing most of the work from bringing leads, to connecting buyers and sellers, to updating with the latest real estate news and policies to, running marketing campaigns. It eliminates the need for hiring resources thus helping you save.

So, now that you know how profitable it is to create your real estate app. Once you have decided to build the Zillow clone real estate business model, all you need to do is connect with an app development company.

Discuss with your real estate app developer to integrate the below-mentioned features to have it integrated.

User login

For first-time users, it will require registering for the app to avail of the features. Social media login will give them easy and quick access to the app, reducing the time from filling tedious details.

Real estate catalog

The seamless flow of the app will take the user over to the listing of the properties divided into categories  – buying, selling, and renting. The catalog will carry brief details, contact details along with the price quote for the property.

Advanced search filter

The feature simplifies the search filter by narrowing down the search feed by the user. This includes location, price, years of property, type of property, etc.

Showing ondemand properties

This feature is chosen by the seller who wishes to show the property upon demand. With this feature, the seller gets a notification from the user seeking permission to see the property. This takes away the hassle of showing the property to everybody, everytime. Only people who have asked gets to see the property. 

Virtual tour

It gives the user a 3D virtual tour that feels like actually visiting the place. This feature is a must-have thing in today’s pandemic where social distancing is mandatory. This way the user gets to see multiple properties in a few taps using this feature.

In-app chat

We all have questions to ask, queries of not understanding a few things. Having an in-app feature lets you connect with the users, bridging those gaps. Having flawless customer support can take your real estate app to the next level.


It is a must-have feature in the app. For any kind of mass announcement or send alerts push notification feature helps in reaching your customers all at once. Whether it is about launching new services, introducing new feature, slashed price, ongoing discounts, and promo, and so on can be notified easily with few taps.


You wish to improve your real estate app rankings, working on feedbacks and negative ratings let you know which areas need improvement. Whether it is about improving the browsing experience or it is a service provider that needs to upgrade their services – the feature helps the app owner to enhance overall app performance.

Concluding Thoughts

As now you understand the significance of Zillow Clone App helping businesses to grow and expand. 

All you need to know is looking for the correct real estate app business model and developing that dream model into reality. Do not rush by making a hasty decision. Gather your facts and research before you go on to create your real estate app. 

Obviously, you will require having hired a professional app development company having years of experience in developing ondemand apps. Study their website, read their client testimonials, to know their expertise in developing ondemand apps. Make sure you are purchasing a white-label scalable source code, that can be later on customized as per your business needs. 

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