May 29, 2024

Establish A Stronghold Of Your Real Estate Business With ZipRealty Clone App

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ZipRealty Clone App

Find a realtor app that seamlessly connects real estate agents, sellers, buyers in one place is hard to find. Since most of the apps are dedicated ones. Build ZipRealty Clone App that makes it easy for you to search homes, know the right property prices, provides 3D tours, and much more. 

ZipRealty Clone App is a combination of technical expertise and local real estate experts.

About ZipRealty Clone App

ZipRealty clone app is inspired by the ZipRealty app. It helps in discovering the properties for the buyers in the nearby locations. Downloaded and used by the majority of the real estate professionals, buyers and sellers – the app is a trusted marketplace to search for homes. The app also shows the proximity places like the supermarket, cinema halls, schools, etc along with the trending prices of that location. 

Today, the ZipRealty app has become a famous household name. With the highest property listing,  advanced search filters, regularly sending notifications to the users so that they can stay ahead with the real market news it is quite obvious that the business owners are looking forward to capitalizing on building ZipRealty Clone App.

How ZipRealty Will Help Automate Your Real Estate Business?

It makes it easy and convenient to manage your real estate operations with the ZipRealty clone app when developed by a professional mobile app development company. 

On Demand Real Estate app when integrated with innovative features ensures seamless functioning of the business. The robust admin panel offers a 360-degree view of the business activities.

Essential Features For Developing An App Like ZipRealty

Infinite property and user listing

The ZipRealty clone app is built on a scalable technology. It handles a vast number of property and user listings without a glitch. You can expand and grow with this app.

Rent-Buy-Lease property

The app platform serves it all. The user can search for the property, put their listing to sell the property as well as seek rental properties suiting their budgetary and location requirements. 

Integrated mortgage calculator

Those buying the house might need a home loan to apply. This On-Demand real estate clone app comes in-built with the mortgage calculator. This helps the users allowing them to know their monthly installments, for X number of years.

Multi-language integration

The app lets you integrate multiple languages thus you can launch your business ensuring that it will have the local language within. 

Reviews and ratings

The users that are looking to hire real estate agent services or reviewing a property can view the ratings and feedback. Thus helping them to make an informed decision.  This way it helps the real estate agents to enhance their services. 

How An App Development Company Will Assist You With ZipRealty Clone App?

Provide you with the live demo

This will get a clear picture of how the real estate clone app works and what kind of customization you need if any

Discuss your app concept

Once you are okay with the demo, you get to discuss the features with the team. The app development team also guides you through your suggestions, hearing your inputs.

Development stage

Once your app requirement get finalize with the team, it moves forward to a development phase. Thus ensuring you deliver the app within the said deadline.


Once you are shown the final app demo, your ZipRealty clone app is all set to launch in Google Store/ App Store.

The entire app development takes about 4-5 days.

Thus, developing an on-demand real estate app like ZipRealty can make a positive impact on your business enhancing your brand name. Thus, having onboard a professional level app development company can offer futuristic app solutions. Furthermore assisting you in delivering a responsive latest technology real estate app. 

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