April 18, 2024

10 Tricks To Sell An Unsaleable Real Estate

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Sell Unsaleable Real Estate

It can be a very dark ground floor. Or be in a building with a shield taken from the Ghost Train. Many owners who want to sell their unit know that they will not have it easy at all if they wanted to get rid of it because it is … difficult. But, even so, they should not despair: there is no such thing as “unsaleable” real estate

1.The main problem they will have to face is that of their expectations. The objective will always be to get the best possible price. But when the property has very marked weaknesses, something will have to be given. According to the eyes of the experts, we could say that there are three main ways to follow when selling a difficult property. The most obvious is to lower the price. 

2.The other traditional alternative is to invest in a reform that allows it to sustain or increase its value. And there is a third option, a little more modern, which is known as home staging, which consists of a series of techniques to improve the presentation of the property without incurring large expenses. Which one to choose will depend on the property and the desire or pocket of its owner. But here are some tips or advice that can help you decide on the most convenient one.

3.One issue to take into account when thinking about selling a property is that, in urban societies as heterogeneous as those of today, the idea of possible housing is very relative. That is: what may be unacceptable to some may be a great option for others. A very classic example of this difference in perspectives are those small and dark ground floors: these “caves” can perfectly serve to set up an office there.

4.Instead of admitting the poor condition of the property by lowering its value, you can invest in improving those most noticeable weaknesses or even in a little more ambitious reforms that make it much more attractive. Although for this alternative it is necessary to have a certain financial back, experts maintain that the investment (in pesos) is always much lower than what can be obtained in addition to the reforms (in dollars).

5.Who did not find, searching for a property online, with a bathroom photo that has the toilet seat raised or a blackened curtain? Or were clothes thrown on top of a bed in the image of a room? It is as incredible as it is expected. For this reason, both when taking pictures and when opening the unit to visitors, it is necessary to take great care of the presentation.

If you want to go a little further with the subject of the images to be published of the unit, super professional photography services specialized in properties are offered, as well as virtual tours, 3D renderings, views with drones, and virtual models. A tip: do it on days with good light. Or you can also make an real estate video to showcase the best part of the property. 

6.A tip from home staging to take care of the image of what you want to sell is to depersonalize the environments, that is, remove all those too personal objects: no thrown toys, picture frames, cat litter tray, or dog food. The bathroom and kitchen should be jealously orderly and clean (for example, no shampoo containers in sight). The potential buyer likes to imagine the house with their own things, so minimalism helps a lot in these cases.

7.Another of the home staging techniques consists of an intervention of the spaces in order to soften those weak points of the property. In a dark environment, for example, the corners can be illuminated with floor lamps. Or put flower pots on the windows.

If possible, it is even convenient to remove furniture to highlight spaces and generate good circulation. The overload of furniture does not allow us to see the real dimensions of the property or to imagine the potential of each environment.

8.When defects in the house cannot be eliminated, it is better to whitewash them rather than hide them.

9.The first impression the potential buyer has is significant. Some studies ensure that this impact is that of the first 90 seconds of the tour of the property. That is why it is advisable to pay special attention to the entrance environment and accompany it with a clear message about some of the virtues of the unit.

10.Patience is essential. Difficult properties take a little longer to sell, and in these quiet market times, more.

With some of these recommendations plus good professional advice, it is very likely that any property classified as “unsaleable” will end up finding a new owner.

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