June 22, 2024

Student Guide to Living in Birmingham

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Edge Apartments Birmingham

Birmingham is a vibrant city and has a plethora of opportunities for students who are interested in studying abroad. Being the UK’s second-largest city, Birmingham is the country’s beating heart and an ideal destination for international students. The West Midlands city’s rich cultural heritage and fascinating attractions are some of the many reasons why students choose to study in Birmingham. From top universities and how to live on a budget, this guide is a must-read for students going to Birmingham for higher education.

University Facts

Home to five of the UK’s top universities, Birmingham is a popular contender for students looking to study abroad. Birmingham universities have ranked at the top of every university ranking table due to their expert faculties and endless undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Apart from excellent academia, Birmingham universities also provide outstanding facilities on campus with a diverse range of students from various backgrounds. Students can choose courses in medicine, technology and business to humanities, religious studies, design, and arts. The extensive courses, innovative campuses and many opportunities for employability are what makes Birmingham a great place to study.

Student Accommodation

Finding accommodation in Birmingham can be overwhelming as there are many options available. Students primarily opt for purpose-built student accommodations (PBSAs) that are designed exclusively for students and meet all their needs. Edge Apartments Birmingham and Cadnam Hall in Birmingham provide accommodation for students who want to live close to the University of Birmingham. The Emporium in Birmingham is another prime student housing property that is close to Birmingham City University and Aston University.

Student accommodations offer exclusive on-site facilities for residents like outdoor space, lounge and communal areas, study pods, game rooms and gym facilities, laundrette, maintenance, and much more that allows students to focus on university.

Adventures in Birmingham

Students often move overseas for the complete university experience that is almost a rite of passage into adulthood. Birmingham is full of local gems and attractions that students can enjoy. The Midlands Art Centre (MAC) is Birmingham’s contemporary art centre and a hub of creativity. Free exhibitions and performances are the norms here. The Library of Birmingham is another place to kick it and the stunning architecture is filled with rare manuscripts, archives and photographs that students can get lost in for hours!

Nightlife and Things to Do

Birmingham nightlife is definitely an experience worth having. First-year students often visit Broad Street on the weekends as it is filled with a string of nightclubs and pubs that are super fun, affordable and great to meet other students and make lifelong memories. The Emporium Birmingham is located in the heart of the city and is close to several pubs and discos where students can let their hair down and paint the town red!

The splendid city is complete with Cadbury World— a delicious affair for chocolate lovers and the entire squad. Cadnam Hall Birmingham also frequently hosts social events and workshops for residents which helps create a sense of community and involvement.

Budgeting in Birmingham

Unlike the UK’s other bigger cities, Birmingham can be experienced and enjoyed on a budget too! There are plenty of art galleries and museums to explore on the weekends for students looking for a bit of Brummie culture. Edge Apartments in Birmingham are located very close to Bristol Road which is full of affordable restaurants, cafes and shopping areas.

Living in Birmingham is an absolute delight for students attending university. Additionally, living in student accommodation in Birmingham is quite convenient, safe and students can access local supermarkets, etc easily. With the public transport and well-connected routes, students are always a stone’s throw away from Birmingham’s greatest attractions.

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