July 12, 2024

Which is better? – Repair or replace flat roof

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The roof of the house requires special attention as it is responsible for maintaining the health of the house over the years. Hence, it is a wise idea to find a list of reputed “roof contractors near me” who can be relied upon for installing a sturdy roof and taking care of its maintenance and repair over the years. A well-maintained roof will have an average life span of 25-30 years, whether it is shingles roof, sheet roof, flat roof, or tiled roof. There have been reports that a new roof yields over 80% of its original cost upon resale.

However, the roof can be damaged beyond repair because of improper laying of the roof, sub-par materials used for the roof or some natural disaster such as a storm, heavy snowfall, accidental falling of a tree or any variety of reasons. Even in the scenario where the house is put up for sale, during the house inspection, the roof is checked and over 30% real estate agents recommend roof restoration for quick sales. In any case, there will always be the choice to reroof or replace the roof and to answer this, you must “Find roof contractors near me” who will do a thorough inspection and give you their honest recommendation.

When to repair flat roof?

If you notice leaks or signs of aging around specific parts of the roof, then it may be time to either repair or replace the flat roof. This is dependent on the age and extent of damage to the roof. Some of the signs where flat roof repair is adequate are –

  1. The roof is damaged in a small area – if there are punctures or damage on small areas throughout the roof where repairing the individual patches will be enough, then replacement is not needed.
  2. Material shrinkage – for roofs made of EPDM, a common cause for damage is material shrinkage over time. extreme highs and lows of temperature cause the rubbery material to expand and shrink around the edges as the roof ages. You can look for “roof contractors near me” to do change them.

Bitumen roof torching – Bitumen roof damages require torching repair, which is a highly sensitive technique. So, when you begin your search for “Find roof contractors near me”, make sure that they send qualified technicians with experience.       

What is roof replacement?

The replace flat roof cost will definitely be more than repairing it. However, there are instances where it would be cheaper and sensible to replace flat roof instead of repair it. Some instances where replace flat roof cost is lower are –

  • Improper roof installation – may be at the time of construction or when the building was purchased the flat roof wasn’t laid properly. This can lead to constant leaks or other issues that need repair work often. In such instances it is better to scratch the old roof and reinstall a new roof.
  • Permanent damage – some damages to the roof can simply not be repaired. For instance, if there has been a fire, or some natural disaster that has caused a part of the flat roof to collapse or created a damage that affects the integrity of the entire roof, then it is better and cheaper to replace the roof rather than try to salvage it with repair. Repair work on such roof will last for a very short time and the material will begin deteriorating faster.

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