May 20, 2024

Make Your Customers Fall In Love With Great Realtor Clone Real Estate Agents On Demand App

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Realtor Clone

Gone are the days where people had to browse multiple properties before finalizing one. All thanks to Realtor Clone Real Estate Agents On Demand App. The app is now allowing real estates and individuals to browse properties and finalize the deal online. Yes, the Real Estate On Demand app has become a popular choice when it comes to listing, buying, and selling properties.

Worldwide business is affected because of the CORONAVIRUS. Let’s not this COVID19 slow down your real estate business. Therefore, it is the right time to take the plunge by creating a REALTOR CLONE ON DEMAND App. Thus shifting your present real estate business into a digital world, the On-Demand Realtor Clone App is the right way that gets your business ahead.

Why Develop Realtor Clone Real Estate Agents On Demand

Finding a new home with the right location and matching budget is a struggle. Finding a real estate agent, paying them commission, or getting leads from your family or friends was the only way to buy the property. Hence, the reason for the soaring popularity of the apps like Realtor.

Here are the reasons why you need to build a Real Estate Agent On-Demand App:

  • There is an upsurge in the leads
  • It helps to connect people with the real estate agents and buyers directly for their property 
  • The app makes it easy to find the buyer without having paid the commission to the middlemen
  • The app comes integrated with excellent features thus enabling people to find the property by applying advanced search filters
  • Now no worries about not able to visit the property personally, with 3D tour feature thus eliminating the need to visit personally
  • The app lets you target your customers more accurately
  • Brand promotion is easy through the real estate agents On Demand app

Essential Features To Have In Realtor Clone Real Estate Agents On Demand

Advanced Search Filter 

This feature enables people to browse the properties based on their preferences. The filter helps narrow down the search based on the location, SQ. FT, amenities, price, home loan options, and so on. Thus, the feature plays a vital role in meeting your user’s property requirements. 

Image Gallery

The feature carries the pictures of the property listed with the app. Thus the gallery will have in-detailed pictures highlighting the USPs of the property. 

Social Sharing

The feature enables the users to share their property details through Realtor Clone App. Thus helping in selling the property quickly who are looking for a similar one. 

Listing Properties

The feature lets your user list and explores the properties in a set format, making it easy for others to understand. It is the standard format that real agent estate apps are using it. 

GPS Tracking

The feature enables the user to get to the destination without any hassles. Hence, locating a house is easy and quick. Feeding the address in the GPS, the feature leads you to the exact location effortlessly. 

Save Favorites

The feature allows the user to save their favorite property so that the next time they browse, they can quickly retrieve it through this feature. 

3D VR tours

Isn’t it great to view every bit of property from the comforts of your home? The 3D Virtual Tour feature now makes the properties accessible to people to browse anytime, anywhere saving a lot of time.

Advanced Level Features

Calculate Mortgage

Buyers that are looking to buy the house might need a mortgage. Hence, the mortgage calculator provides an estimation of the monthly installments that they will have to pay. 

Digital Documents

The real estate agents through this feature facility can have them sign the document without meeting them personally. Both the parties can sign the digital documents, saving a lot of time and cost. 

In Conclusion

If you are looking to develop a Realtor clone app, all you need to do is collaborate with a mobile app development company. Thus, with years of experience in launching the apps, they know what it takes to make a successful clone app. 

Realtor Clone App is a ready-made real estate agent On Demand app solution. It can be launched as quick as 5 days. Built on the latest technologies, rich features it is one of the most chosen scalable products. The app is perfect for those who wish to invest in the real-estate On Demand industry.

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