May 29, 2024

Top 5 real-estate tools for agents

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Real Estate Tools For Agents


The real estate industry just like all the other businesses has been growing rapidly using the modern techniques of marketing and record keeping. Here is a list of 5 essential real estate tools that every realtor must have.

The recent shift to modernization has completely changed the meanings and definitions in the realm of business, and the concept has also affected the real estate business too. By affect we here mean is definitely in a positive way. But, the things have changed a lot recently and mode of business is also changing greatly. Today, the businessmen, specifically realtors have to do many chores all at a time which are quite difficult for a human to manage single handedly without getting any support. For this purpose AI and Tech only have made it quite easier for them to keep a look at different aspects of the business all at a time.

From the graphic designing tools to the CRMs, and from the Digital paper signing to cloud storages every single tool is now a days essential for the real estate agents to have it on their business devices. The best thing about these tech powered and AI backed tools is that they are not device restricted, that means that you can also carry these software, apps, or tools with you wherever you go. Similarly, installing all these apps on your smartphones will also make it look as a portable office which you can take anywhere you go.

If you are interested into the real estate agent business and you are also looking for such essential tools that the real estate agents have, you are on the right page. In today’s post we will discuss all these programs or tools, and different aspects of business that they influence.


Having an in-house graphic designer on premise is quite an expensive thing to do especially for the independent real estate agents who do not work with a company or any agency.

For this thing, Canva has made the lives easier. Actually it is an online graphic designing tool which you can use to create wonderful and beautiful graphics online, including flyers, posters, logos and much more.

They have thousands of pre-made designing templates which you can use by changing colors and fonts to your choice and you are good going.


As the name suggests, the tool makes it easier for the user to manage different tasks by keeping it into the record that which project has reached what stage conveniently. This is useful in a way that all it does is automated and reduces human efforts made in this regard.

You can create and share checklists, make to do list, add comments and highlights on the board where you different tasks appear on the screen. Asana keeps a track of all your activities that you are currently doing.


These days the digital presence of business matter a lot. According to one survey if in 2021 the business has no digital presence, 90% chances are that it will vanish in few days. The problem that arises here is that there are so many social media platforms which people use every day, and managing them all together is humanly not possible.

To manage all your social media accounts and profiles you have Zoho. Zoho reduces human effort like logging into different accounts and posting content, rather you just have to link all social media accounts and post content all at once.

Also, the tool self generates analytics reports and keep a track of engagement activities on your different posts. In these ways it doesn’t only make it convenient to keep a track, but also this app helps a lot to boost and grow your accounts or pages.


Paperwork is the most important work thing it comes to buying, selling and renting properties. And, this is also the most time-taking process for the realtors, as they have to take the paper miles away just to get it signed.

However, this whole process can be easily simplified by using the modern techniques of digital signatures and get all the papers signed digitally.


Moving mails to the CRM and managing them is also a time taking and draining problem. This can easily be simplified by using streak which automatically and effectively manages selling and buying clients.

The Customers Relationship Management (CRM) app also sorts them with bold and clear headings, and aesthetically beautiful colors.


The aforementioned techniques and tools help realtors a lot in doing business and growing exponentially. All these tools have proven impacts on your business and we are readily using these in our business at ValueProperty .

If you have any queries feel free to contact us through the contact page, or you can also shoot your queries in the comment section.

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