May 29, 2024


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bim model

BIM (Building information modeling) is a methodology the enables the project stakeholders to create virtual models which help in visualizing the building projects in a better way. The AEC industry uses BIM as a tool which can help in integrating the fragmented industry by eliminating inefficiencies and redundancies, and enhancing collaboration, communication, and the overall productivity. BIM is the process of creating building information, stored in a virtual model which can be managed by exchanging and sharing building data in a reusable way.

BIM is the process of developing a computer-generated model that represents all disciplines of a building design, and its use in various tasks as simulating the design, construction planning, or management of the facilities. The product, a Building Information Model (BIM) is an information-rich, intelligent, and parametric digital representation of the construction project. The BIM model is easily accessible, facilitating interoperability and exchange of project information within related software applications.

VR (Virtual Reality) is a computer-designed environment that makes scenes and objects appear to be real, making the user visualize them as if they are present in their surroundings. These surroundings are perceived through VR headset or helmet. VR enables the users to immerse themselves in video games as if they were one of the characters, learn how to perform heart surgery or enhance the quality of sports training in order to perform well.

Virtual reality not only finds its uses in high-tech laboratories but also in the construction industry. The architects are adopting the technology of VR to help their clients step inside their designs. The AEC industry are utmost benefitted combining the power of BIM and VR. The benefits of combining VR and BIM are as follows:

  1. Adventurous – VR allows the architects and the engineers to work in new and exciting ways. Instead of having to dream up designs by designing manually on a paper or in a tool like Revit if they’re working in 3D, they can create new objects and buildings using VR around themselves and see those structures growing almost in real time. By immersing themselves in the work, fresh opportunities for creativity may be discovered, and hence, the design team’s ability to deliver or exceed a brief is enhanced. VR also helps the clients to understand the design created by the team easily and buy in to more adventurous and creative ideas that VR enables to visualize.
  1. Working efficiently with as-built conditions – Numerous construction projects involve the adding to, or altering, an existing structure to understand the structure better and enhance the project designs. By combining virtual reality with reality capture software, architects and designers can step into the existing space making their designs based on accurate as-built information, which reduces the likelihood of faults when the construction work is initiated.
  1. Easily understandable – VR allows the clients to experience a design first-hand. The clients can look around the space and observe the final output of the design of their building. The clients get all-important wow factor and can participate in the design process, asking questions and making necessary suggestions which can be explored in ways that makes it easier for them to understand. With this collaborative approach, minimizing challenges and overcoming roadblocks down the road can be comparatively smoother.
  1. Better collaboration – better collaboration will result in reduction of the cost and delays of reworks on the project. With the help of VR and BIM, the project work will be at greater pace and the contractors can handle more work at one time. It will also help in reducing the errors, and as a result the final output will approximately match the initial building.

What makes BIM more challenging is that different stakeholders will have to work around their own models. VR brings all the users together to participate on the same project and compare them with accurate data. If you want a better outcome for your construction project, you can contact Monarch Innovation to get your construction project handled by a qualified and experienced team of professionals.

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