June 20, 2024

Things You Must Know Before Winter Starts

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winter starts

For all the homeowners out there, preparing your house for winter is unavoidable. So if you’ve been looking for something fun to do with your home, this might not be the right spot for you. However, if you are worried about your home and want to rest assured about not having to get the fixtures done in the snowy season, every inch of this article will be beneficial for you. Here, we have highlighted the must-know things for you before winter starts;

Weatherproof Your Windows and Doors

If you want to do something worthy, it is best to weatherproof your windows and doors. Inspect your home and see if something needs to be changed or not. You can also use weatherstripping or get all the doors/windows caulked. On the other hand, if the doors and windows haven’t been changed in a long time, you better get them replaced before it’s too late. While undergoing residential cleaning in the house before the winter starts to snow, ensure to check the windows and doors for any damages. 

Clean The Dryer Hose

If you don’t know, dryer hose poses a major hazard for fire hazards. According to recent experts, around 14000 house fires were fixed by firefighters last year. This proves that careless handling of the dryer hose will put everyone’s life at stake. However, when you clean the lint filter and replace the current dryer hose, you can put down the chances of prospective fire damage in the future. 

See if The Water Tank Has Any Cracks

Another good tip is to check the water tank for any possible cracks. Bear in mind, if the water tanks have several cracks, the leakage will increase the monthly bills of the house. Chances are if you haven’t installed the right tank in the last decade, you need to replace it now. Most modern water tanks are prepared from the finest quality material, so you can rest assured while incorporating them in your house. 

Clean Your Gutters

Yes, this activity needs to be done right now! As soon as it starts to snow heavily, the falling leaves and large pieces of debris will get stuck in the sewerage system of the house. This will eventually become a hindrance to the smooth flow of water. Therefore, get the gutters cleaned professionally before it is too late. Secondly, if you have reservations about the clogged water causing damage to the interior of the house, where’s the harm in hiring a professional plumber. 

Keep the Heat on

Always keep the heat on and see what unfolds. This way, you get to keep the pipes warm and don’t let them freeze. Not to forget, pipes have a strong role to play since they channel hot water throughout the house to keep it warm. So when you keep the heating system on, It won’t be hard to avoid the pipes from getting frozen from inside. Most people will turn the heating system off in the pursuit of saving money but they end up accumulating larger problems.

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