June 20, 2024

How To Organize Your Garage

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organize your garage

If you are like most people, there is a great chance that you struggle with keeping things organized, especially in your garage space, where it can get cluttered and messy with tools and hoarded items. While storing things in the garage helps keep the garden and porch clean, it is also mandatory to keep the garage organized and clean so that you don’t have a hard time finding stuff. In a packed garage, you might be spending hours rummaging through things until you get your hands on the required tools and other items.

If you need some extra storage space, you can immensely benefit from getting one of the best sheds in town. Here are some tips on how to keep your garage clean and organized. Read on to learn more!

Take Measurements of the Garage Floor

Before storing anything in the garage, you might want to take measurements of the garage floor to help you store things later. That said, before buying anything, you may want to get the dimensions, including the space that will be occupied by your car. While assigning spots to the things that need to be stored in the garage, you can place those things together, such as gardening tools, chemicals, etc. 

You may want to place heavy equipment, such as lawnmowers, in the corner of the garage. Also, you may want to place things that are in frequent use near the garage door, such as cycles, cars, and skateboards. Lastly, place the items that are rarely used in the farthest spots in the garage. 

Another trick to cleaning up the garage space is by keeping things off the floor. If you don’t want to invest in a shed, you can always install boards and shelves to place things there instead of placing everything on the garage floor. 

Use the Garage Space Wisely

Another way to save on garage space is by using all available space wisely, including the overhead space. This is also one of the primary reasons that you should install open shelves instead of closed cabinets inside the garage. Since the overhead space is the farthest space, you should place those things there that are rarely used, such as sports gear, paints, and ladders. However, while installing open shelves and placing things on those shelves, make sure that nothing interferes with the garage’s overall operational functionality and maneuverability. 

Get Rid of Extra Stuff

We hope that you are not a habitual hoarder of things and keep only those things in the garage that you use and need. However, if you are a hoarder, there is a great chance that your garage space is stuffed unnecessarily. That said, make a list of the items that you don’t need. Afterward, depending on your preference, you can either donate those items or put up a garage sale and sell the extra stuff to your neighbours. By getting rid of all the extra stuff, you can create more space in the garden and organize things more efficiently. 

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