June 22, 2024

Diminish The Myths Revolving Around Loan Against Property Today!

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loan against property

We have a dynamic financial sector nowadays. Digitalization of everything has happened fast, so everyone needs an apparent understanding of loans. There can be a delay in application due to miscommunication and misunderstanding of specific loan procedures. Several myths and queries related to the loan taken against the property exist. If one is misinformed, then one can face a monetary disaster. One can check out a loan against property in Delhi NCR

A few myths we get to hear about loans against property, i.e., LAP.

Myth number 1: The loan can be used for a limited number of purposes.

The fact: This myth is quite common these days. There is no restriction or limitation on the usage of the money in the Loan against property. It is similar to any other property loan. No questions would be asked regarding how you plan to use the money. Auto loans and home loans have certain limitations. That is why the general concept is that Loan Against Property also has limitations. A LAP allows the borrower to take the loan at quite an affordable interest rate. 

Myth number 2: Only a residential property can be used as collateral.

The fact: Many people prefer the loan against property due to its flexible nature for getting a high-value loan. There is no restriction in a LAP for pledging collateral on the kind of property being used. No rule of any kind says only residential property can be the collateral. Lenders also accept commercial properties, and even warehouses are not rejected. One can check out a loan against property in Delhi

Myth number 3: The property used as collateral can no longer be used for staying in.

The fact: There is one prevalent myth: the borrower cannot use the mortgaged property until the loan is repaid. This makes many borrowers rethink their decision to opt for this loan. The rule here is quite simple. The lender becomes the owner of the given property officially till the time you pay back the loan. However, the borrower can continue to use the given property at all times. If one pays to repay, then their rights might get revoked. 

Myth number 4: Your income bracket should be higher, and your credit score must be increased. 

If you have a moderate income, you can opt for a loan against property. Both a self-employed and salaried person can apply for a LAP. However, if the property value is high with low liability, it would be easier to qualify for the loan. A credit score above 750 is expected of the borrower. Other facts would impact the lender, like legal aspects, repaying capacity and property value. You can consult any investment advisory services for a better understanding.  

Myth number 5: A loan taken against property is expensive and dangerous.

If you make payment at the right time, the property used as collateral will not be at any risk. After repaying the loan, the borrower gets the property paperback. You can choose the EMI amount. You can take a call on how long you want to take to repay back and hence accordingly, how much EMI is to be paid. 


It is important that before opting out of any like, you spend time to know more about the entire process. A loan Against property is the right fit for someone who is looking for a huge sum of the fund. Being well-educated about the topic can always be beneficial. If in doubt, try consulting any investment advisory servicesFinway FSC is one such company that has done great work in this field. 

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