April 20, 2024

Landlords: Should They Wait for Greater Price Drops or Buy Now at a Discount?

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Property investors are thinking about buying real estate now at a discounted price since the values of properties have somewhat decreased. However, it might be a good idea to buy later and wait for a greater price drop. What is the better option?

How Have The Prices Dropped?

Housing prices have only risen ever since 2020. However, buyers were given little hope in October of 2022 as we can see an apparent decline in prices. As for the housing inventory and demand, both are lowered. Therefore, we can see why the prices have dropped.

Today’s median price for a property in the US is $397,408, lowered from nearly 450 000$ in the past three months. The buyers will find the changes in the market beneficial. This is a perfect time for property investors to develop their businesses further. 

However, as a businessman, you might be thinking about waiting for the prices to lower even further in the future. Although a better time for buying houses might come, you need to consider multiple aspects of the industry and have a serious conversation with your property management team before making a decision.

It’s Better to Buy Now Than During a Recession

Sure, the house values might get lowered over the next year, however, it will become more difficult to convince lenders to give you a loan. As housing prices drop, lenders start to narrow down the list of borrowers. If you don’t have a clean and strong credit history, you might have a hard time getting your hands on mortgage loans.

On the contrary, if you have been an investor for a long time and have developed a long and clear history of credit, it will be an excellent opportunity to purchase a home when the banks tighten the limits.

Rent Prices Matter The Most

As a landlord, the first thing you need to think about is not how much the property values, but how much you can rent it out for. Usually, when housing prices are volatile, the rent stays steady. There are many factors such as location, conditions of the property, services, and features that weigh the rent value.

If you buy now, you can set a high rent price and the property will pay out its mortgage on its own while giving you a great deal of profit. Purchasing a property now at a discount may be a much better option since the property that provides the most valuable aspects might disappear from the market before the price drop you are waiting for happens.

The Prices Might Be Increased Again

Although housing market experts expect the prices to get lower over the next year, you can’t trust predictions. We remember what happened in 2020, the pandemic takeover was very sudden and the economic crisis began out of the blue. Therefore, you need to be extremely cautious.

Purchasing a property is a very serious investment, especially when your business depends on it. You need to be prepared for the housing values to be increased again instead of lowering. The decision you make could end up being regrettable.

When thinking about whether or not the prices will increase again, you need to consider your region and its economy. Think about the possible issues that might arise. You need to remember that each state and location has its economic conditions.

Vacation Rentals Are Back In Style

A landlord must remember that after the pandemic, it has just now become popular among younger generations to travel again. Therefore, daily rentals are back in style and more profitable than ever.

If you choose to wait for another year to purchase a rental property, you might miss out on the opportunity of earning a great deal of profit.


Finally, property owners and property managers need to consider the rental market before anything else. The prices might drop in the next few months in all of the USA, but they could rise just in your state. You need to consider every possibility and take the details into account, such as your region and its conditions. The economy is extremely volatile and it could change drastically in no time. As a property investor, you must pay the most attention to rent prices and decide if it’s a good idea to make the important purchase now.

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