June 13, 2024

How To Become a 2nd Property Owner: 5 Things You Must Know

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An Overview of Buying a Second Property: Know How to Refinance

There is no place better than your home except for your second home. Drop by drop makes an ocean and while you work hard each day to move towards a better future, it is important that you do not let the money slip from your hands. Rather invest it to generate income through rent or spend a few weeks on a vacation. Now if you are wondering that you may comfortably be able to pay for the monthly installments but what about the down payments? Well, worry not. Your very first home is going to serve as the gateway to buying your second home, if not then other options are still available.

Over the period, your home builds home equity. Equity is defined as the market value that your house has and if to be sold, what will be the amount you can get for it. It is allowed for you to be able to use 85% of this equity in terms of cash and as per your requirement without losing your home. You then pay it back with monthly installments. This mortgage is called HELOC (home equity line of credit) and is often granted with less interest rate.

Explore the Financing Options to Become a Second Property Owner 

You must have had a lot of confusion when it came to you buying your first home, buying the second one is less hectic. You already have property against your name so you may use that to finance your second home. Another option available for you to use is applying for a mortgage from the beginning. Both options are viable to use when you have the option to apply for a second mortgage Toronto. This is another useful financing option that you should consider. It works the same way as a first mortgage does except the second mortgage comes with a higher interest rate as compared to the first one. With a trusted second mortgage broker by your side, you will be able to explore your options in a much better manner and will be able to make a rather informed decision. 

05 Things You Must Know When Buying a Second Home

  1. Purpose of Property: 

Before applying for a second home, it is crucial to be able to clearly outline the purpose of the second property that you are going to buy. Your mortgage lender will require this information to be able to lend you a loan. It is less risky to give you a loan for a second mortgage as the first home can be taken as collateral in case your mortgage payments go default.

  1. Credit Score: 

Credit scores may provide a better picture of your financial standing than you think. An applicant must have a minimum credit score of 640 and a down payment of 25%. The credit score fluctuates as per your positive and negative performance in terms of paying back the debt. The credit score fluctuates as per your positive and negative performance in terms of paying back the debt.

  1. Additional Costs:

 You may encounter additional costs when it comes to preparing documents for your second home. From your insurance, furnishing, maintenance and other utilities along with taxes; all these are the added costs to you becoming a second homeowner.

  1. Get Expert Advice: 

Before jumping into the only offer you get for your second home experience, it is important that you ask around. Research your options thoroughly and know the rules properly to navigate through this experience hassle-free. Your 2nd mortgage broker must be experienced and well connected not just with lenders but also with the Canadian rules and regulations regarding second home.

  1. Managing the Second Property:

Buying a house may sound fun and exciting, but keep in mind that a second home requires paying bills to cover expenses. Additionally, you must keep in mind that the management and maintenance of a second home are your responsibility.

  1. The Type of Home:

The second home that you plan to buy does not have to be the same as the first one. You can change it according to the requirements you have for your second home. It can be a condo or a single-family home. Balance the maintenance costs and purpose of the house that you are investing in and then invest appropriately.

When you do your homework for your second home, you make it easier for yourself. Good research will not only get you a better choice of home but also a wise decision that will prove well in the long run.


Getting home to your name is a dream come true. Making your way to a second one may prove to be a game-changer for you and your family. It serves as a security that you have the right to fully benefit from and use to generate a second income as well. You may buy a small one but with a view to spending your vacations or put it up on BnB. A second home can be bought using a second mortgage, refinancing your home, or using the equity that your first home has built over time. Private mortgage Lenders might be more oriented toward second home loans using HELOC as collateral is available for good decisions. Do not make an impulsive decision, but rather an informed one. The location, the type, and the additional costs of the second property all will play a vital role. Be careful while you take on this endeavor but do not be scared. It is a process, and it will be over with the right guidance.

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