July 16, 2024

Explore homes for sale in Santa Cruz County

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santa cruz county

Dreaming of living a Bohemian lifestyle in sunny California? Then Santa Cruz County is your best bet for experiencing a life that’s more laid-back yet full of exciting surprises. 

Moreover, you can find homes for sale in Santa Cruz County that can eventually be yours, especially when you work with a trustworthy real estate agent with years of experience. 

Why move to Santa Cruz County

If you’re still considering if Santa Cruz is, indeed, the right location for you, the following points could help you.


Whether you’re en route to the beach or heading to the business, commercial, or school districts, getting to these destinations is easy when you live in Santa Cruz. This strategic location is ideal for young professionals, students, and tourists. Many areas of the county are, in fact, highly walk-able. Thus, you can leave your car at home for things you need to do outdoors.


Santa Cruz has a thriving local community that has easy access to great healthcare options, as well as top-ranking schools and universities like the University of California Santa Cruz. And since it’s a popular tourist spot, the county has a host of amenities and entertainment options that both tourists and locals can choose from and enjoy. 

House prices

Expect any property in California to have higher price points than those in the rest of the country. There’s a constant crowd eager to get property in the state, so the demand isn’t going down any time soon. 

Given the high buyer demand versus the scarcity of the housing inventory, most homes here are getting sold past the $1-million mark. Multiple bids for homes in the market are common so it helps to have a good real estate agent by your side at the negotiating table to increase your chance of snagging the home you’re eyeing. 

Home features

In 2022, the most popular homes in Santa Cruz had the following home features: a pool, a family room, close proximity to the beach, and a good view. Having an attached garage and great security features are also a priority among home buyers. 

Growing tech industry

Santa Cruz is home to some of the largest tech companies in California, some of which started out in the county. With UCSC in the area, the usual next step for its graduates is to find employment in these companies. This is why a large sector of the county’s population consists of young professionals. For those looking to ride the tech wave in their career, look no further than Santa Cruz. 

Best neighborhoods to buy a house in the City of Santa Cruz

Upper West Side 

This is where you’ll find UCSC, as well as the Pogonip Open Space Reserve and Westlake Park. Expect to find students mixed with the locals in basically every corner of this neighborhood. 

Lower West Side 

A lovely seaside neighborhood, the Lower West Side exudes Boho living at its finest. Its local breweries, as well as the many local shopping and dining spot here, make for interesting weekend afternoons.


Be at the center of all the activities in Downtown Santa Cruz. You’ll have plenty of places to visit from the weekly farmers market and cultural festivals to art galleries and restaurants. 

The Beach Flats 

A most sought-after neighborhood found next to the famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, The Beach Flats allows easy access to all of the seaside activities and amenities among its residents. 

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