June 13, 2024

5 Essential Professionals for Your Custom Home Build

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The surest way to make your dream home a reality is to do a custom build. That way, you can include all the specifications necessary to ensure all the needs and preferences of your household are met. So, if you’ve decided to build a custom home, congratulations! Now, it’s time to begin putting together your dream team. 

For your home build to be successful, you’ll need at least five types of professionals working in tandem: a BIM specialist, an architect, engineers, designers, and contractors. Below, Real Estate World Blog discusses the role each of these pros will play in the home building process. 

1. Real Estate Agent

You might think your real estate agent is limited to helping with already built homes, but in fact, they can help you with your new construction in critical ways. For one thing, they can advise you on concerns like the best time to purchase property. Once you select your land, they can negotiate on your behalf. They can assist with the inspections and contract contingencies, and they also know what builders in your area have a solid reputation. 

When selecting an agent, do your research. Find someone who is highly knowledgeable, and as you review candidates, be sure to ask pertinent questions, like is the agent full-time, and have they handled similar transactions in the past. You’ll be glad to have someone on your team who knows the market and can act as your advocate. 

2. Architect

Choosing the right architect for your home building is critical. This is the person who will design your home with you, ensuring that it is both functional and accessible. 

Many factors are involved when it comes to where your home should sit on the property. For example, you want your home to be in the ideal location for sunlight, distance to the road, distance from other homes, etc. A good architect will help you find that location and even factor in other aspects of the property such as landscaping. 

3. Engineers 

In most cases, you’ll have engineers either work with your architect or come in once your architect has created the blueprints. Safety and function are the factors that engineers care most about. 

A civil engineer will look over the architect’s plans to confirm that they comply with building codes and are structurally sound. An electrical engineer will then install all of the electricity. As with every other type of professional on this list, you’ll want to check the work history of any engineer you bring on to your team.

4. Designers

Now comes the fun part. You’ll need to hire interior and landscape designers to take your custom home build over the top. Your interior designer will focus on developing attractive and functional layouts for each space in your home, as well as working within your budget to design the finishing touches via decor and other aesthetic elements. Your landscape designer will also work with your budget, and they’ll use your architect’s blueprints to design the most attractive lawn and landscape possible. 

Also, when designing your home office, be cognizant of common office hazards to ensure you avoid them. There are some steps you can take to keep yourself safe — and productive! For instance, taking measures to prevent cyber attacks, basic fire safety precautions, and proper working and walking surfaces are a must. With an ounce or two of prevention, you can easily avoid unfortunate mishaps and injuries. 

5. Contractors

While the architect will create the blueprints of your property, contractors will bring those blueprints to fruition. Contractors and subcontractors will complete the actual building process of each structural component of your home. This includes a general contractor who will often handle the foundation building, framing, roofing, and other phases of the construction.

Subcontractors are professionals who work in a specialized trade, and they’re most often referred to by the general contractor. This includes a master plumber, which will ensure that you have a clean and safe water supply in the home. It may also include a flooring specialist, a roofing contractor, a countertop specialist, and other professionals. 

Undergoing a custom home build is one of the most exciting steps you can take in life. But it’s essential to go into it well-prepared and with an understanding of all the factors involved. Assemble a solid team that includes the five types of professionals discussed above. For each candidate you consider, research their work history, licensing, and insurance status. And make sure they can work well with others. That way, you’ll be living in your dream home in no time!

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