July 12, 2024

Important Insights on Elegant Walnut kitchen Cabinets

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Among all the hardwood varieties you come across walnut wood is something that gives an edge to your kitchen décor. There is a rich feel to this wood which cannot be denied at any cost. Being classy species, walnut wood is often used for carving projects. 

If you are looking for hardwood cabinets with a classy appeal, your eyes must settle on walnut cabinets. They have medium hardness and are known for standing against daily use. Indeed, walnut kitchen cabinets are a one-time investment that give an unmatched finish to your cooking space. 

The benefits of walnut wood cabinets 

Well! Here we are going to discuss some common benefits owners derive from installation of modern walnut cabinets. They are as follows: 


A wood variety like this always holds the reputation of being charming. Walnut wood comes with unique swirls which give them the exclusivity we look for in wooden furniture. Since we all love our kitchen to stand out, bringing in walnut kitchen cabinets is perhaps the best ever decision we can ever seek. Their fine grain patterns coupled with swirls in different hues give them the uniqueness which we all look for while investing in woodcraft especially for utilitarian corners of our house like the kitchen. The intricate grains make the walnut wood variety add character to the space. 


Walnut wood is quite dense which make them extremely durable. Now, that means walnut kitchen cabinets are a must-have for a kitchen which is used most frequently. They can withstand regular use. Experts recommend the use of walnut wood in making of kitchen cabinets because the wood variety can stand rough use. Unlike softwood which can easily experience dent, walnut wood will stand against time no matter how aged it may become. What is most interesting is the fact that the wood is less porous unlike birch. The non-porous nature of walnut wood makes it easier to clean and stand against water exposure. 

Is walnut wood a great option for kitchens? 

If you are opting for kitchen cabinets there is one variety of wood which you can trust. Its none other than walnut wood. The dark coloured wood adds a sense of beauty to the space. It is perfect for cabinets and custom wood works. Walnut wood has a special quality. It can stand standard use, which means the wood can easily hold regular wear. 

What exactly does walnut wood looks like? 

Walnut offers a very smooth texture. It showcases finer grains. Walnut wood colour may vary between deepest chocolate to light greyish brown with a reddish touch. The timber may at times reveal the light sapwood structure. In general walnut offers a warm touch to a space. It has a rich finish which makes a kitchen appear classier. 

Will walnut go along with grey? 

Yes! Grey and walnut go very well. However, in order to introduce this combination, you have to make sure the space is well illuminated. Other neutral shades can also go well with walnut and grey. So, you can basically bring in elements in white and beige to the décor. 

Can walnut be introduced as a warm or cool shade? 

Walnut has a neutral tone which makes it versatile. Besides, you can discover the soft purple undertones in the wood which work well with warmer as well as cooler tones. 

What is the most suitable finish for walnut kitchen cabinets? 

If you are thinking of bringing in walnut kitchen cabinet sets, you must be wondering which finish goes well with the furniture. Experts say that lacquer is the best option for the wood. It dries really fast and with only a couple of coats you can seal as well as protect the furniture for long.

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