May 23, 2024

Classic Décor Ideas for Your Luxurious Abode

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It is not often that you come across a great urban house with exquisite décor that transports you to a different world. The idea of a luxurious home differs from person to person. Perhaps, you might prefer plaster ceilings, gilded mirrors, vintage rug covers over planked hardwood floors, crystal chandeliers or maybe your dream luxury lounge is a modern space with huge expanses of glasses, linear sofas and accent chairs. 

It is your choice to fill your home with artifacts for a traditional look or decorate with abstract décor pieces. Whatever your ideal house may be, we have something here in this collection of classic home décor ideas for your luxurious abode. 


Nothing radiates the sense of timeliness and character quite like classic adaptation. You can opt for detailed and intricate frame moulding on your walls or crown moulding or medallions on your ceiling to transport you to a more elegant time. 

Gilded mirrors

These elegant mirrors can completely transform your place. Even people living on rent can use these mirrors as they are not permanent and can be changed according to your preference. Gilded mirrors leaned or hung on the walls offer a variation on an intricate wall moulding without any construction work done. Moreover, they add richness and seemingly give an illusion of an expanded room. 


Displayed in vibrant chinoiserie, floral, or other classic prints, full-length curtains can add a brilliant splash of colour, texture, and dimension to your space. Hang them in a room with tall ceilings to instantly draw the eye upward for an elongating effect. 

Crystal chandeliers

If you want to make a grand statement, then opting for light fixtures gives a classic vibe or a traditional formality to your house. People who have less space to work with can choose smaller proportions inspired by vintage or contemporary models. 


Apart from classic high-end furnishings, vintage accessories allow you to make a statement and transform your place completely. Invest in luxury novelty barware, hunting decoys, depression glasses, original paintings, old clocks, sterling silverware, porcelain urns scale objects enhances the space you own. 

Marble mantels

The focal point or the center of attraction of any room is a mantel. It commands attention and presents a spotlight for inspired styling. You can opt for brick, wooden or marble mantels and render them according to your choice. 

Embrace built-ins 

Built- ins have always been a highly desirable feature in houses since decades. They are functional, add tons of storage, and also have a way of creating warm feeling in a room. From built-in bookshelves for the bookcases to library shelves in the offices, you can never go wrong with the built ins for a timeless and enduring look. 

The most important thing for you to understand is that the concept of luxury design, does not have a specific style. It is just a trait that combines the elements of a final setup. Consider these options while moving into a new house or redoing your old one. If you like your home to be warm and welcoming then these are the decor ideas you must try!

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