July 12, 2024

5 Effective Competitor Analysis Tools For Home Contractors

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No matter which field you belong to, analyzing your competitor and having intensive market research is mandatory for all. Hence, home contractors are of no exception. In fact, their demand and competition level are growing over time. 

Marketing for home contractors is all about competing for seeking the attention of the targeted audience. The better you can grow your business; the higher will be your competing level. And in digital marketing, learning about your competitors and extracting the information is very necessary to keep your business on track. It takes no time for a business to lose its position online.

Are you wondering how to find your competitors, their traffic, ads, followers, sales, and overall businesses?

No need to worry. We have good news for you!

Over the web, there are tons of competitor analysis tools that you can try to find and analyze your competitors’ approaches. With these, you can assess your business and work accordingly to beat your opponents.

5 Mind-blowing competitor analysis tools for home contractors

  1. Sprout Social: Social media is getting very popular nowadays. Marketers including the home contractors are choosing this platform to advertise their brands and market their business worldwide.

    Since it’s a great channel for building connections and generating engagement, social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are favored a lot.

    With Sprout Social, you get the leverage to keep an eye on the social media activities performed by your competitors. With this, you get a sneak peek of your competitor pages, their market benchmark, and other fundamental metrics.

    Sprout Social gives you a deeper insight into your competitor business. You can come across the different social media strategies, tools, and other latest trending techniques used by the marketers.

    Keep an eye on your rivals and make roads for your business.

  2. Mailcharts: Email marketing is in high demand nowadays. And to be a bit frank, home contractors are finding this marketing technique useful to get in touch with the clients in their contact list. This what your competitors do. But what about you?

    To learn how the competitors make use of email marketing approach, Mailcharts will be the finest tool to use. This will ease down the tedious job of finding the email campaigns for you.

    With this email competitor analysis tool, you can figure out where your emails stand. Accordingly, you can design your email templates and set off a competitive email marketing campaign.

    Mailcharts aggregates all email marketing campaigns from various sites, grab their subject lines, body structure, sending frequency, and the reaction of the clients. Are these enough to design yours perfectly and in a better way?

  3. SEM Rush: SEO has a vast role to play in digital marketing. Without SEO, you can’t even expect to rank your site higher on search engines. To analyze your SEO performance and to compare this with your competitors, SEM Rush is there to help you.

    With SEMRush you can determine your competitors’ backlinks and monitor their site performance. You get a dashboard to analyze the performance graph and evaluate your position in the marketplace.

    Understanding your competition is very necessary for contractor business. Hence, choosing SEM Rush will never be a bad idea.

  4. MozBar: What about your website domain authority? Is it better to rank your site higher on search engines? If not, MozBar can assist you in improving your DA score by analyzing the same for your competitors.

    MozBar is responsible for assigning a DA score for every site. Even you can use this extension to assign a domain authority for your website. Besides, you can use this tool to keep a tab on other competitor sites as well.
    With this tool, you can determine your site’s performance and compare the same with your competitor sites. The tool also allows you to learn whether the site is gaining backlinks or not, which further determines the DA score and site rank.

  5. Feedly: Your content is good, but to make it better you need to figure out your competitor’s content as well. Feedly gives you the scope to keep an eye on others’ marketing content, instead of browsing their blogs constantly.

    Feedly allows you to generate a better content marketing idea to attract your targeted audience. It acts as a content aggregator that collects, stores, and organizes the content of your competitors so that you find it easy to make your decision.

    Using Feedly, you can come across the hot trending topics on which you must work, new ideas to market your content, latest content writing styles that are mostly hit, along with the traffic volume.


Competitor analysis tools are designed to monitor the social media, SEO, content, website, emails, ads, and other marketing approaches of your competitors. This will give you an overall idea regarding their moves, new trends, and the latest marketing strategies.

Talk to the expert of a digital marketing agency for small businesses or large enterprises and use smart tools and technologies to drive your business.

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