April 20, 2024

The Best Area to Invest in Property in 2021

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2021 can be an atypical year. Owing to Corona Virus, many major events have impacted the way we live, work and socialize. If there is one market that looks good both on the paper and on the ground, it’s the real estate market. So, let’s dig in and analyze some of the best places to buy and invest around the globe.

How to Choose the Best Place in the Real Estate World?

No matter where you live in the world, the basics of the real estate business are going to be the same. You must go for a place where the return-on-investment or ROI. To ensure that, following are some features you must keep in mind while buying a piece of property:

  • Housing Vacancy: Be aware of how much of the available housing stock in the area is vacant.
  • More Rentals (relative to Mortgage): The more rentals you earn to cover your mortgage, the better!
  • Low Tenant Default Rate: Be mindful of the tenants’ ability to pay the rents. An area where tenants miss their rent payments often can prove to be gruesome for you.

Atlanta, USA:

One of the best places to buy property in right now. The capital of Georgia is the economic hub and is one of the top states that contribute to the USA’s GDP. As the city is going through an economic boom, it is forecasted that the prices of property will increase manifold in the following years. If you are at the start of your real estate career or just looking to purchase as an individual, this is the place to go. 

Over the last decade, Atlanta’s population has grown over 14 percent. The increase in population is having a proportional effect on the housing demand. The promising population growth and increase in employment rate make Atlanta a hotspot for any type of real estate investment.

Dubai, UAE:

Although the real estate market in the UAE has never been reliable, however, owing to the hype of Expo 2020, property prices have been continuously increasing since 2019. As the UAE government is working on measures to make the purchase of property simple, quick and convenient, more and more investors are coming in and if you are looking to beat the competition, now is the best time to invest.

The ROI is pretty decent with property owners earning more than 6% net rental return. A quick tip: if you are planning to find properties in Dubai, then Jumeirah Village Circle, downtown Dubai, and Dubai Marina are the perfect places to keep your eyes on.

Luton, England:

In spite of the Covid19 pandemic, the real estate market in Luton has performed strongly and is being known as the best first-time buyer hotspot due to its decent housing and transport links. Over the last five years, property prices have increased by 30%. This makes Luton a perfect town for investors. 

As Luton is only thirty-minute by train from London, it is becoming more and more popular with those who work in London but cannot afford to live there due to exorbitant living expenses and rentals.

Las Vegas, USA:

Simply a booming economy that covers all aspects of human development – health, tech, tourism, and more. Las Vegas has managed to outperform many other emerging real estate markets with a hike of 10.2 percent during the last twelve months. Although this growth rate might halt in the future, it is still a city that attracts investors from around the globe due to the high demand for housing, low inventory, and low mortgage rates.

Covid alone had a positive impact on the real estate impact. As the companies are adopting the work-from-home model, people from surrounding expensive areas are moving to Las Vegas.

Doncaster, England:

A city with real prospects in the real estate market. Investors with foresight are rushing to Doncaster as the plans to build an 800,000 sq. ft distribution center near Doncaster are expected to create a thousand new jobs. The housing sector in adjacent towns is already dense so the people who move to work here in future will rush to this town for accommodation. 

The best area to invest in Doncaster is to have HMOs built. They are perfect for good ROI and decent rental yields. 

Wrapping up…

Although there is no bottom to the list of good investment opportunities in the real estate market, one can only try to point out the best, or better. The truth is, there is no single location or area to invest in real estate. If it was that easy to filter, every investor would have been pouring into the same place. Not having all your eggs in one basket is the key here, and in today’s world of Covid19, it is more relatable than ever!

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