June 20, 2024

A Real Estate Agent’s Checklist For Homeowners

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Buying or selling a house can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. There is the excitement of the hunt and the thrill of the deal. However, you can ease the entire process with a good real estate buyer in Maine who knows the tactics of the real estate market. But with so many agents available in the market, it can be more challenging to find the perfect one than you might think. Collaborating with the best agent who is experienced can go a long way in ensuring your property sells for top money in the market. So, here are the tips for finding a top real estate agent.

  1. Decide your communication preferences: everyone has unique needs, especially in the home buying process. Therefore, think about the characteristics you want from an ideal real estate agent. For instance, what conversation style are you looking for? Do you favor conversation over text, phone or email? Do you want personalized attention or do you prefer an agent to assess your lifestyle and choices, then take action accordingly? 
  1. Eliminate the red flags: knowing what you don’t want is as important as knowing what you do want. Good real estate agents have patience on their side. So, if any agent is trying to push a property, it’s a huge red flag. Watch out for other warning signs, like agents speaking unclearly about their first experience or any sign of dishonesty. 
  1. Make use of technology: the ever-evolving internet provides a wealth of immediate resources to help you find a top agent in the market. There are tools available that can do the heavy lifting for you, like combing through sales records and finding top agents with proven track records. 
  1. Seek a referral: there is nothing better than a personal referral from a friend or family member. According to a study, more than one in five sellers find their agent through a friend or family referral. However, be careful with the referrals as your friends and family may have had different financial circumstances, or different requirements regarding their neighborhood, or certainly different priorities when it comes to buying a home. An agent who was perfect for your friend or family member doesn’t mean they will be a great fit for you, too. 
  1. Going the extra mile: as well as providing a top service throughout the home buying process, pay close attention to the agent who went the extra mile after their client closed and moved on; they can make a big difference.
  1. Look for an agent with your best interests at heart: make sure your real estate agent has your best interests at heart. Be realistic and clear about what you are looking for. If the property dealer is not putting the right options on the table, they are probably not looking for a house for you but rather to benefit themselves. Ask questions clearly and don’t be hesitant to move to another agent, if required. 
  1. Do some research: when it comes to finding a top real estate agent, it might be helpful to think like a detective. A little creative investigation on the ground can make a big difference in your search for a top real estate agent. You can do this by driving around in the area where you are most interested in buying a home. Look for the ‘for sale’ signs and do some research on the listing agent. The agents already know every nook and cranny of the neighborhood. This way, you can check if they align with your needs and get the best candidate. 
  1. Check their background: at this point in the process, you should have narrowed down a list of potential candidates based on referrals and online searches. Now, do some digging on their personal profiles. Check their online portfolio for client reviews and look at their credentials. Verify they are licensed in your State by checking the real estate commission im the area to ensure you are working with an honest, ethical real estate agent who won’t try to trick you.
  1. Check for relevant certification and specialties: every expert in their field seeks to further their knowledge to stay on top of the changes or advancements in their industry. Many home buyer agents in Maine pursue additional certification to strengthen their skillset. There are some niche designations that could really help and make a difference for clients in special, irregular circumstances. Finding a certified agent could be a huge bonus if you have odd circumstances in the home buying process. 
  1. Interview agents: interviewing the agent is crucial because you can establish a relationship with the agent. Here are some essential questions to ask:
  • How long have you been operating in the real estate market?
  • Do you work with buyers or sellers, or both?
  • Do you work individually or as a part of a team?
  • How many existing buyers do you have at a time?
  • What’s your specialty?
  • Are you prepared to handle my unique situation?
  • What strategy do you have to market my home? 
  1. Consider compatibility and evaluate their skills: the interview and any other early conversation with the real estate agent is the best time to check whether you click with the person you will be spending a great deal of time with. During the selection process, you will have all the information you need to review and make a final decision. Consider key performance indicators, like the number of closings per year, the average number of days homes stay on the market, the average cost of homes bought and sold, and so on.

The bottom line

Now that you have understood how to choose the right real estate for your home buying or selling process, you can find the perfect candidate by implementing these tips. 

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