May 29, 2024

6 Best Places To Live In London

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best places in london

London is famous for lot of things. Apart from having its charm as the capital city of UK, it is also known for its historic pomp with shimmering modernity, world class culture, fashion- forward shopping and impressive food scenes. There is plenty of reasons to want to live in London. However London is no small city and you might want to do some research before moving there. There are so many factors that influence our choice in zeroing on any particular area. And it can be quite confusing at times, but you can narrow down your choices by highlighting what any particular area is famous for and for what reason you are moving to any particular city. In this article, we will cover some areas of London and what are they famous for.

1. Bexley

Bexley is beautiful area tucked in south-east of London. Although London is notoriously expensive place to live, but if you are planning to live on a budget, you should go for Bexley. Although, Bexley may seem expensive at first glance but it is comparatively cheaper than other areas of London. Bexley offers quaint markets, luscious fields and excellent connection to central London. 

The only downside of living in Bexley is its distance from central London. Because it sits on outskirts of London, you should keep travel cost in your mind. If travel cost doesn’t concern you, it is one of the best- value places to live in London.

2. Islington

Each year brings hundreds of students to London. If you are looking for student accommodations, most probably your deciding factors include affordability, proximity to universities and connection to the city. This is what makes Islington a perfect place to live for the students.  Most universities in London are situated in north of river. You will have amazing connection to most universities which you can get across on the Victoria line, the fastest line in London.

 Islington is situated in north London. It is a very lively heart of the London surrounded with diverse restaurants, bars, clubs, vintage stores, cinemas, theatre and independent shops. Islington has also an added advantage of being centrally located meaning you can walk to central London in about 30 minutes. But if you don’t prefer walking there are lots of public transport options as well.

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3. Camden

If you are person that likes to experience various cultures Camden is the best place for you. It has earned itself the title of one of the London most vibrant neighborhood.

Camden is located in north-west London and it is just 2.5 miles north of Charing Cross. The largest pub in Europe is in Camden. It is arguably one of the best live music venues in London. It also offers an electric mix of restaurants, exciting street art, vintage stores, open-air market and a vibrant nightlife. 

Camden has something suitable for everyone needs according to their budget. It has some of the most affordable flats to some of the most expensive ones.

4. Richmond

Richmond is increasingly becoming a famous in London to raise family. It is so due to three major factor- low crime rates, outstanding schools and amount of green space. 

Richmond is a beautiful borough sitting on the bank of the river Thames in south-west London. It is undeniably the most charming area of London as it offers both suburban town and countryside living. This area offers excellent shops, galleries, museums, pubs and is also home to the largest royal park in all London. So you may be exploring museums one day and watching galloping of deer another. And due to the high quality of living it offers, it is definitely an expensive place to live.

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5. Shoreditch

Shoreditch is the most famous for its food in all of London. It has always something to offers from cafes dedicated to breakfast cereals to high end restaurants. 

Shoreditch is located in east of London. It was once known for its textile and furniture manufacturing. That is why now you will find a range of stylish modern apartment situated in old converted buildings. Living in Shoreditch also means you will just down the road from few of the most acclaimed food joint such as Spitalfields market, Brick Lane food market and Boxpark.

Living in Shoreditch is considered expensive, but it is a great option if you want to be in thick of it all.

6. Lewisham

Lewisham wasn’t on the radar previously, but with its recent development and regeneration it is fast becoming one of south London’s finest gems.  Since 47 % of the London is considered green so you will be surrounded by nature all the time, but if you like to more close to nature you should move to Lewisham.  Beckenham Place Park is sprawled across a whopping 98 hectares. It is also really close to Greenwitch Park and the Leafy green area of Blackheath.

Luscious parks of Lewisham are given fifteen Green Awards. Lewisham is still considered as an affordable borough of London. 

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