June 22, 2024

7 Bathroom Design Ideas For Those Who Like Dark Colors

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bathroom design ideas

Bathrooms with dark tones (black, charcoal gray, dark blue, brown…) will not feel as bright and light as when using white or neutral tones. However, dark colors will create a feeling of luxury, maturity, and a bit of mystery that you can completely choose for your bathroom. 

Today’s article will introduce you to 7 bathroom designs with dark tones as introduced above. The skillful color combination with black as the main color will leave you speechless. Let’s see!

1. Dark color and matte surface

Colors, materials, and surface treatments play a big part in how we perceive space, as in this bathroom design. The design uses large black tiles, with the surface being glossy for most of the internal architecture, except for the plaster ceiling. Soft natural light is provided through the window with the curtains that accentuate the round tub. The choice of a round, white tub helps to gently neutralize the design, adding a harmonious touch to the modern bathroom. 

2. Luxury bathroom for adults

This is an apartment renovation project with design ideas suitable for adults. Of course, the bathroom is beautifully designed with very good finishing skills. Using dark floor tiles with a certain gloss, fixed shelves are arranged in harmony with natural stone wall tiles combined with led lights and other high-quality designs. You can even enjoy this bathroom space with a Jacuzzi tub with a TV located opposite. 

3. Dark wood color and roller blinds

Using dark wood for the wall will create a completely different feeling than using stone tiles. A curtain is arranged to create a more private and comfortable feeling, while at the same time, ensuring natural light can be provided to the bathroom. The bathroom design here is clean, comfortable, and luxurious thanks to the same standards as in hotel design. 

4. Luxurious bathroom with open space

If you’re still hesitant to experiment with a dark bathroom because you’re afraid the room will be dark and underexposed, don’t worry. You can solve this problem by using highly reflective materials that can absorb natural light and reflect into the interior space like the black steel in this design.

Further, you can create a small garden to get natural light like in this design. Glass doors with steel frames will help light easily penetrate the interior space but still keep privacy thanks to the garden outside. 

5. The contrast between the bathroom and the wash area

The bathroom using matching dark tiles will create a modern and luxurious feeling. Meanwhile, the dry area, where the lavabo shelves are arranged, can be used wood with the dominant white tone to create an attractive contrast for these two areas. However, you should note that if the bathroom space is limited, do not combine the two styles, instead, the unified design will make the space more spacious. 

6. Neutral tone bathroom

This is one of the ideal bathrooms for teenage boys or girls. The bathroom is designed with neutral colors that bring comfort and youthfulness.

7. Retro bathroom

Blue-black-white is a color pair that creates eye-catching contrast for this bathroom. Room design with classic retro style makes the space unique and impressive.

The Simplest, Most Beautiful, And Modern Bathroom Models You Shouldn’t Ignore

The bathroom model is decorated with green plants, a small area, simple but beautiful

For small and medium-sized apartments, this beautiful small bathroom model is very suitable and convenient for the living needs of the whole family. There is a separate glass bathroom area, a separate toilet, and washbasin, creating convenience in use as well as the living.

In addition, in the space of this small room, there are also some small potted plants for decorative purposes or to help purify the air. Use them to improve your indoor air quality. However, before choosing the best bonsai for the bathroom, it is necessary to consider environmental factors.

Green plants are always considered useful decorative objects for your home, especially the bathroom. If you feel your bathroom is too stuffy, lacks vitality, or maybe too empty, placing more potted plants is an option.

In bathroom interior design, the use of minimalist design, combining functionality and aesthetics will create an extremely beautiful and effective relaxing space. There are currently many promotions, discount codes, coupons for bathroom furniture that will help you own the bathroom of your dreams at a reasonable price.

Simple but luxurious bathroom with dark colors

For designers, creating a bathroom space is not too difficult, as long as you choose the right bathtub for the area, not too big or too small; Using beautiful patterned floor tiles and choosing a wooden, stone washbasin … with its style also makes the bathroom beautiful “sparkling”.

This dark color will certainly be very few homeowners who choose to decorate their bathroom space. The colors white, gray, black is always coordinated together. The bathroom space has a small area, the combination of objects with black – white colors together will help homeowners feel that this room is no longer small.


Above are some suggestions for 7 bathroom design ideas for those who like dark colors. Hopefully, after reviewing the above samples, you have found a bathroom model that suits your preferences and the space of your home. And don’t forget to use offers, 20 off $100 Target coupon code, Walmart promo codes 20% off on Findcouponhere.net when buying your bathroom design items to save more.

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