June 14, 2024

Where To Station Your Office Space In Gurgaon 2022

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Office space is a linchpin in molding a business. It can either boost or break your talent and creativity. No matter which field you are in, having an ample workspace can advance your business to top-class. As vital as it sounds, finding a suitable workspace can sometimes be challenging. If you are looking forward to renting an office space in Gurgaon, here are some factors to keep in mind. 


The prime factor that resolves the fortune of your business is its location. The office space you opt for should fit your brand image and business nature. It should be accessible and inclined on how much your personnel are willing to outreach their workstation. It should accommodate parking lots for employees’ and clients’ convenience. The location must be well-receptive to transportation and other public amenities. Spots like Sobna Road are considered the best for start-ups since it is economical and well linked to NH-8, which renders access to old and new Gurgaon.

Infrastructural requirements

You must possess a clear idea of your workspace scheming. The space you choose should be ample to fulfill your career demands. It depends on how well you desire to establish your business, whether it should include conference rooms, server rooms, a cafeteria, air-conditioning, and chill-out zones. Minding your budget, you can find rental spots in the following business locations in Gurgaon;

  • DLF Cyber City, Phase-2, Sector 24.
  • Sector 16, Gurgaon.
  • Palam Vihar.
  • MG Road.
  • Sushant Lok 1.

If you are an outsider looking to establish your career in Gurgaon, these loci have some cool spots where you can find accommodation and amusement.

Lease terms

The status of the building determines the finalizing of the leasing procedure. Leasing contracts typically run from six months to one year. One should know; 

  • What is or isn’t covering the leasing contract.
  • Whether they can renew/extend the lease at the end of the term.
  • What actions they will be held liable to. 

It is advisable to consult a lawyer before making any commitments to confirm that the lease agreement is propitious to you.

Amenities to offer

The workspace should have necessities like water supply, power backup, purifiers, lifts, and security systems. In the case of plug-and-play office space gurgaon, biometric access systems, video surveillance, data privacy, and server requirements should be considered prominent. It should be devoted to employees’ safety, health, welfare and personal hygiene. Apart from a clean environment, adequate ventilation and lighting facilities are essential. 


Firstly, have a strict budget in mind. Working with a budget can prevent expenses due to a lack of planning. Before leasing a workspace, have an idea of the hidden costs and expenses that come with it. Hidden costs refer to moving budget, solicitors cost, and buying agents fare. Cost comparison with other workspaces ensures you’re getting the best value for money. Keeping the budget within the affordable range is ideal to avoid future struggles. The rental cost differs with location, building grade, whether furnished or not and proximity to other amenities. In Gurgaon, the average workspace rent in commercial hotspots ranges from Rs.55-65/- sq. to Rs.135-145/- sq.

Safety and legal requirements

While hunting for workspaces, you should stay updated with legal implications pertaining to safety standards, health hazards, fire protection and lockdown procedures, to ensure a safe work environment for your employees. The quality of the building and equipment used should be top-notch.  


Great competition evolves enhanced performance. Launching workspaces in areas associated with your sector can boost your business venture. A lack of innovative aim in the same business can be disastrous. In areas of higher competition, using a creative niche can drive your business to the top. As an upcoming technological hub of India, establishing innovative technology ventures can nurture your growth in Gurgaon.

Room to grow

Contemplate the future growth and expansion plans while signing a leasing agreement. In the event of future expansions, the workspace you opt for should have adequate accommodation facilities. If you intend on expanding your workforce, you should plan appropriately. It can act as a motivator for your growth too! 

Summing up

Gurgaon is India’s second-largest IT hub and third-largest financial and banking hub. It is also home to India’s vast medical tourism industry. Whether relocating, opening a new branch or a start-upstart-up, establishing ventures in these sectors can exceed your company’s reputation. Leasing an office space that provides employees with an appealing and congenial working environment elevates your team’s culture, collaboration, proficiency and can benefit their professional progress.

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