May 29, 2024

What Factors Influence the Valuation of Property?

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The value of a property depends on numerous features and properties. The value is primarily influenced by the location, condition and equipment of the property. The principle that applies to real estate valuation is that it should be carried out by someone who is most familiar with precisely these details. And that’s usually a good broker.

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Property Location 

One of the most important characteristics of a property valuation is its location. Noise pollution, shopping facilities and whether the house is in the country or in a booming city also play a role. Some people like being in the middle of the city where all markets and shops are easily approachable, while some want to live in calm places.

It depends on the exact location, as we all know property valuation is not complete without a good location so you can not neglect a valuable location that can not only fulfil your desired property valuation but can find the best property and place to spend time with you family.

Total Property Years and Areas

An important influencing factor is the year of construction of the property and the living space. Depending on the year of construction, the property value can vary greatly, for example a newly built modern house is worth much more than a property built 50 years ago. It also depends on the degree of modernization. 

This is particularly important for old buildings, since extensive renovation can increase the value immensely. The living space is another value-influencing factor in real estate valuation. In addition to the area, the room layout is also important.

Property Condition for Valuation

Houses and apartments are usually more different than you think. This is particularly evident in the condition of real estate. This depends on a very precise appraisal and assessment of the building fabric, the individual parts of the building, and the architectural properties of the property. 

The energetic condition of a building is becoming more and more important nowadays. This depends, among other things, on the insulation of a house, the condition of the windows and doors and the heating system. Again, renovations and refurbishments to different parts of the house must be considered individually.

The equipment of the property also plays an important role. From the floor coverings to the sanitary facilities and special features, everything is included in the property valuation.

Property Orientation Valuation

The value of a plot of land depends primarily on its size, but also on the orientation, the layout and any legal burdens that may exist. The property is valued on the basis of local standard land values.

In addition, the property valuation also depends on the type of property or building. Depending on whether it is a detached single-family house, a condominium or an apartment building, different real estate prices apply.

If a property valuation is based on a comparison with other properties that have already been sold, it is essential to compare houses of the same type of property. In order to calculate the value of the property as accurately as possible, differences such as the number of floors and the presence of a basement and attic should also be taken into account.

Real Estate Demand

It is extremely important that the current developments on the local and national real estate market are taken into account when valuing real estate. Depending on the level of demand on the market and whether real estate prices are rising or falling, the value of the individual property will also change.

Such an assessment requires extensive knowledge of the real estate market. Since the real estate market is sometimes subject to very strong and short-term changes, it is necessary to know the latest data and price developments. The local real estate agents are most familiar with this, as they deal with such developments on a daily basis in their profession.

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