June 20, 2024

The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide For Commercial Real Estate Business

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Video marketing is a vital part of today’s digital marketing ecosystem. Video marketing can transform any commercial real estate business, whether a small enterprise or an international company. When making the most compelling videos, many factors can weigh its success.

For this reason, it is essential to know the most effective techniques in video marketing. This will ensure that each commercial real estate business can effectively convey its messages and attract more leads. 

Real-Estate Web Video Marketing: Tips For Creating the Best Videos

When it comes to making videos, the first thing that many real estate agents do is reach out to a video production company. With this, they can produce high-quality videos quickly and effectively. That being said, there are certain things that you need to consider when working with a professional video production company. 

Make Sure You Choose A Video Production Company That Has A Strong Online Presence

It is essential to look for a video production company with a solid online presence. This means that the commercial real estate business should look for ones with a website and an active social media presence. These things will enable you to access videos quickly and efficiently when working on projects.

The Purpose of Video Marketing For Commercial Real-Estate Business

Video marketing in the commercial real estate business is also ideal for experienced retail real estate investors looking for potential clients and unskilled commercial real estate investors who might not have the knowledge to research on the internet.

Include a call to action:

The call to action is another critical factor that will make it easier for commercial real estate businesses to gain more clients. The main objective of the retail real estate business is to guide viewers towards a particular outcome. This is essential in any video marketing campaign because this will ensure the success of the commercial real estate business.

Focus on emotions:

For a commercial real estate business to make the most out of their videos, it is vital to focus on emotions, and this is because emotions are what motivate people to take action. Even if a commercial real estate business has only invested small amounts in its video marketing campaign, it will still be able to generate more leads and sales if it can get more people emotionally invested in its videos.

Make a plan:

A plan is also essential for commercial real estate businesses and their video marketing campaigns. In this case, retail real estate businesses need to create a marketing plan that will guide them step by step in making the most out of their videos.

Focus on being different:

Another vital factor when making videos for commercial real estate businesses is to be different from what their competitors are doing. Differentiate their videos from the rest by adding unique elements to them. This will include: 

  1. Use of music: Music can be an essential element when making any video marketing campaign. Commercial real estate businesses should make sure that they use music relevant to their industry and the target audience.
  2. Video length: It is also vital that commercial real estate businesses only invest in videos up to 30 minutes long. This will make it easier for visitors to retain more information and see more content when watching videos.

You may produce a wide variety of real estate videos

Video marketing is a great way to promote your real estate business. It is excellent for potential homebuyers, and it’s a good way for them to learn about the properties you own and how they might become the next homeowner if they make the right choices.

You can market more effectively when you make real estate videos than just static images on your website. People tend to be more attentive in their focus on videos, whereas they tend to look away from still images of your property.

1. Real estate email video: This type of video is ideal for businesses with an online email marketing system. The video is sent out via email, and the idea behind it is to encourage people to visit a landing page that you have created. These videos should be short and sweet, and you could also use them through YouTube as an alternative. 

2. Real estate explainer video: An explainer video is a short video, usually lasting less than 20 minutes and under 90 seconds, meant to explain a piece of information – for example, your company’s mission statement or your insurance policy.

3. Real estate presentation videos: Presentation videos are usually used to show property features like bedrooms and bathrooms. You can use presentations to give a company overview and showcase the service levels. At the same time, some displays allow you to emphasize the critical benefits of your business by putting them into a narrative form.

3. Real estate agent video: It might sound redundant, but a real estate agent video is just that ad you produce for your own business. It can be challenging to differentiate yourself from the real estate video editor industry competition. If you’re in a market where multiple agents are going up against each other for an equal number of leads, this video will help differentiate yourself from the rest.

4. Real estate virtual tour videos: A virtual tour video is simply a video taken from your camera and played back through software. You could have one of these videos set up on your website or YouTube and your phone number or email address so that potential clients can find their way to you quickly.

5. Interview Videos: Interviews are also an excellent way to bring attention to your real estate business. You could have a video of you and another candidate talking about their experiences in the real estate industry. You could also interview an agent about their methods for finding qualified clients, or even a client about how you offer the safes they have purchased from you that are working out for them.

6. Home Buyer/Seller Advice Videos: Homebuyers and sellers need a lot of help when they go into the real estate market. You can have a video of you helping your clients with home buying or selling issues, or you can have a video that allows you to advise anyone who is thinking about buying or selling their home.

Include video in your promotional strategy

Commercial real estate business owners can use video marketing to attract more leads and save valuable time. Some of the benefits of this form of marketing include: 

1. Video marketing can be cost-effective: It is more cost-effective than many other forms of advertising, and it’s cheaper than print ads, radio ads, and even newspaper ads. It also works in tandem with all the different forms of advertising that you do to put together a successful marketing campaign.

2. Consider your audience: Commercial real estate businesses typically have a large target audience. It would be best to consider how your video appeals to your audience. This means that you’ll want to create a video that will get noticed and be valued by people interested in the type of property you are selling.

3. Consider your marketing activity: Commercial real estate business owners can benefit from allowing the public to come in contact with their videos by posting them on websites, portals, blogs, and social networks like YouTube. However, be careful not to overpost things or put too much content up on different platforms because some people won’t see everything all at once and might miss out on important information about your products or services.

4. Think outside the box: Commercial real estate business owners can create many different videos for their businesses. You can make a video about the benefits of working with your company, the value you bring to your customers and clients, or even individual properties you are selling.

5. Be professional: Make sure that your voice sounds pleasant to listen to and that you are professional in every aspect of your video: from the editing style to how you’re dressed. A video visual represents what you do as a business, so make sure that it reflects well on your business.

Final thought

To sum up, commercial real estate business owners have many exciting options to use video marketing as one of the best marketing tools to gain more leads and eventually more customers. In this digital era, every business owner needs to try different approaches and techniques to build their brand effectively.

If you want to ensure that you can capture leads from your commercial real estate marketing efforts, then be sure that your content is relevant. To do this, you must begin with the customer journey map.

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