May 23, 2024

7 Things to Do Before You Move Into a Home

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7 Things to Do Before You Move Into a Home

Moving into a new home is exciting, but the process can also be stressful. Fortunately, there are things you can do to lessen your load during the process. Taking care of a few things before you actually move into your new home will make the transition easier.

Have the Floors Cleaned

You don’t always know the history of the people who lived in your home before you. They may have had pets inside the home or tracked a variety of dirt and grime through the house. Have a professional come to clean your floors.

This is always important, but it’s especially needed if you have young children who will nap or play on the floor. Allergens in carpet can cause a variety of problems, and a good deep clean early on can help you avoid exposure to them.

Measure for Furniture

The furniture that fits in one home may not fit in another. If you’re planning on bringing furniture from your previous residence, measure the rooms in your house to ensure it fits. This includes measuring entryways and walls where the furniture will be placed. This can keep you from moving items that won’t make it through the door.

Treat for Pests

It’s a very unpleasant surprise to find pests in your home after you’ve moved. Deal with this early by getting pest control to your home. Professionals can assess the interior and exterior of your house to look for signs of uninvited guests. Finding and treating them early can save you damage to your home that will cost more to repair later. There are pest control services in Redding CA who can help you with a treatment plan if fighting pests ends up being an ongoing battle.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Don’t move things you don’t want to keep. It’s a waste of energy and resources, and it gives you more to unpack than necessary. Do a merciless purge before you move to your new home, and only keep the items you truly want or need. If your goal is to avoid needing an extra storage room or to live a more minimalist lifestyle, this is the perfect time to make it happen.

Plan for Pets

If you have pets who are going to be coming with you, then you need to look at your home and yard with that in mind. Make sure your fence doesn’t have any broken boards or holes where your pets can easily escape. Install a doggy door early if your animal is used to having one so he can pick up on his regular habits without interruption. Make sure any place that isn’t safe or that you don’t want your pet to be in is blocked off prior to the move.

Create a First Day Box

You are going to need essentials when you first move. You won’t be able to get your hands on them if you don’t put them in one place. Pack a first-day box that holds trash bags, cleaning supplies, shower curtains, and chargers for electronics. Having toilet paper and kitchen utensils available will also make the first day of your move much less stressful. If you’ve already packed all your plates, grab some disposable ones to use that first day.

Arrange for Help

Moving is a big job, so you either need to hire reliable movers or have plenty of people who are willing to help. Make sure to arrange for this assistance well before your move. If you have friends and family helping, have easy snacks and drinks on hand for everyone so they can take breaks during the day. Plan ahead to make your move as simple as it can be.

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