July 12, 2024

A Guide to Establishing a Technology-Free Space in Your House

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Technology has given so much to us from entertainment, comfort, to security in our homes. Unfortunately, too much of it can sometimes get to our nerves. While homeowners today aim to create smart spaces in their houses, they also need to disconnect and move beyond screen time in their living spaces.

You surely won’t want technology to intervene beyond the work life and hence, the home life needs to be tech-free. You might think if there is a life at all without technology? Even your kids may become morose at the very thought of living in a space where there is no mobile phone or television. Pause for a moment and think how tech elements are getting in the way of relationships. If you want to sell or buy a house, be sure it has a fair mix of tech and non-tech elements.

Here is what you need to tell your Kelowna’s custom home builder about creating a no-tech zone in your house:

Choose The Area

Would you have space in your homes or condos for sale in Kelowna that you need to dedicate to technology? Why don’t you explore those houses virtually or otherwise? The room may serve as another purpose or an area that remains unused most of the time. While you cannot make the entire house tech-free, allotting at least one space that is free from tech elements would be the best way to begin working on this issue.

Once you locate the space that needs to stay “not so smart”, you need to set guidelines. Keeping your phone silent or leaving those in another location would be good enough to start with. Imagine listening to music in the tech-free zone and you end up spending socialising on other social media platforms. Well, can’t you say goodbye to Spotify and listen to what you prefer from local files on your laptop? That way, you can stay free from all those weird suggestions that this music app offers and love doing what you do. Besides, you need to also establish rules about making the house electronics-free.

Create A Comfortable Corner In Your House

Before you create a cosy environment in your house that is free from technological interventions, make sure you check with real estate agents in Kelowna BC. You can get recommendations about houses that are built with the non-tech parameter. You need to aim to make the space attractive and leave adequate space therein to accommodate your requirements. The realtors will offer the best recommendations about the growing trend and locations where no-tech homes are available.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Incorporate more natural elements in the tech-free zone to make it more receptive and inviting. Homes in Okanagan and Kelowna luxury real estates are likely to have adequate space for natural materials, indoor plants, and earthy tones to create a sense of tranquility. Several home builders today are bringing the outdoors in to evoke a sense of calm. With nature present inside, you can make a serious effort to keep that area free from technology and let go of the artificial ambience of tech-laden areas.

Decide On Convenient Zones

There is nothing that would prevent you from creating several tech-free zones in the house. For instance, you may create a rule where everyone within the family needs to leave their mobile phones back when assembling for dinner. That way, each member can engage with the other and you don’t need to push them for staying screen-free. Explore the Okanagan properties for sale inside out before investing in a living space that is uniquely yours.

Create Other Forms Of Entertainment

Equipping the tech-free zone with analog forms of entertainment like puzzles, board games, and musical instruments may act as alternative opportunities to screen time. With these activities, you can promote more interaction and build connections between yourselves.

Space For Meditation

Integrating meditation and mindful activities in the tech-free zone is a must-have. Add meditation to your daily schedule but make sure the space you dedicate for this purpose reflects your thoughts. That way, you can unwind and relax both mind and heart.

Create Drop-Off Station

You need to implement a system where every family member needs to drop their tech gadgets in one place. That is why houses for sale in Okanagan need to have a tech station where the electronic and tech devices can be kept before entering the zone of serenity. That way, you can create a separate space between digital and tech-free zones in the same house.

Are you planning to buy a house?  When exploring the listings, you need to check the total square feet area of the house to create a space that offers freedom from the screen and promotes a balanced life where well-being and health need to stay at the top.

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