May 27, 2024

Essential Tips To Build Your Ideal Metal Garage

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Planning to build a new metal garage building? Congrats! Here are some helpful tips to help you find the ideal size, base, and type according to your budget and needs. We will also be discussing about additional accessories that you might want to add to your garage for comfort. Let’s get into it.

Key Tips For Building The Ideal Metal Garage Building

Tip No. 1. Square Footage

What size do you want? How much actual space do you have on your lot? We are talking about space that’s left after subtracting setbacks rules. Below, we have listed some garage sizes (in feet) based on the number of cars.

  • One car: 12 ft. x 22  ft.
  • Two cars: 20 ft. x 20 ft., 24 ft. x 22 ft., or larger.
  • Three cars: 36 ft. x 22 ft. or larger.

The height of steel garages generally ranges from 10 to 14 feet. If you plan on using the garage for parking and storage, consider increasing the length. We will discuss storage in detail further in this blog. For now, let’s move on to the next topic: the budget.

Tip No. 2. Budget

Do you have a budget in mind? If yes, great. If not, that’s okay. Here is how you can create a budget for a garage metal building. Have a look at the cost breakdown.

  • 45% of the total budget will go into buying prefabricated garage’s raw material.
  • 20% is site preparation and foundation.
  • 16% is construction cost.
  • 14% is accessories (insulators, basic interior, etc.)
  • 05% is shipping & permit.

But how much do steel garages cost in general? A custom steel garage in the US will cost the following:

One Car: $10,000 onwards
Two Cars: $14,000 onwards
Three Cars: $18,000 onwards

The final pricing depends on location, the complexity of the project, and customization features. So, to put it simply, more custom features and more steel will increase the overall cost.

Tip No. 3. Secure Permit

You must get permission from local authorities before beginning construction work. The permit process ensures that your design complies with the city’s rules and guidelines. This step is necessary and unskippable.

Note: It helps to avoid any costly penalties in the future & gives you access to securing insurance and a good resale value.

Is your garage’s blueprint according to set local rules? If yes, go ahead and file for a permit. Only once you have the permit can you proceed with buying your prefabricated garage. Any changes can be easily made on paper, but they are hard to make on ordered material.

Tip No. 4. Foundation

Have you done site prep and laid the base? Once you have placed your order, proceed to site preparation. You can clean, level, and grade soil and then move on to installing the foundation, which will act as a base for the metal garage building. But which base should you choose?

General durable options are asphalt or concrete. But you can also get dirt and gravel for a smaller garage if the only purpose of your garage is to park cars. For storage or a larger garage metal building, we suggest a concrete pad.

They are the most durable, bear more load than other foundations, and are long-lasting. For proper drainage, make sure that your concrete base is 1 inch longer from all sides and has ¼ inches of slope away from the building.

Tip No. 5. Design

Make sure that the garage metal building has structural load-bear capabilities. For instance, if you live in an area with heavy snowfall, the structure must be able to bear snow weight. Go for vertical metal panels, as they are easy to clean and low maintenance.

Now, would you like to have a detached or attached garage? Opt for a detached garage if you have extra space on your lot. They have the following benefits:

  1. It reduces noise and toxic fumes from entering your main building.
  2. It gives privacy.
  3. You have the flexibility to design and renovate the interior.
  4. It can be expanded to include more cars in the future.
  5. Your house is safe from vandalism.

Tip No. 6. Consider Storage

Do you need extra space to keep household items? Consider extending the length of your garage metal building to make room for some storage area. You can even get a two-car garage to park one car and use the remaining space to keep household items. You can install the following items:

  1. Shelving
  2. Racks & corner racks
  3. Pegboards or magnetic boards
  4. Hooks and overhead storage racks
  5. Cabinets & drawer units

Tip No. 7. Accessories

How About Some Add-Ons? Some accessories are crucial, while others are optional. Let’s see what you can install in your metal garage building.

  1. Essential: Insulator, vents, Light, gutter, doors, etc.
  2. Non-Essential: Natural lighting source, windows, walk-in door, etc.

Should You DIY Or Hire A Professional?

This is a common question, as many metal builders offer steel garage kits that can be installed by individuals. But should you DIY?

The answer isn’t straightforward. If the design is simple enough and you have previous experience, you can install your own prefabricated garage. However, if the design is complex or large or needs help, it is time to call for help.

A professional installation team will provide excellent service while ensuring that your garage metal building lasts. Some builders include shipping and installation in their final quote. So, read quotes from various dealers briefly before finalizing the deal.

To Wrap It All Up,

Following the above tips will get you the ideal size and design for your metal garage building. A home garage is a significant investment, and proper installation will not just give you shelter for cars and storage but also add value to your property in the long run. So, what are you waiting for? Steel garages are fast to install and easy to maintain, so don’t miss the boat.

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