June 22, 2024

5 Steps To Resolve Rental Dispute Cases In Dubai

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rental dispute cases

Rental housing dispute means a genuine objection elevated by an owner, tenant, or assets executive about the use of the rental property, including the increased rents, payments, renovation, maintenance, car parks, services, residents, storage amenities, and confidentiality. Rental disputes occur when the thoughts of proprietors and tenants differ, and it becomes hectic mutually. 

For individuals in a dispute, a legal consultant Dubai can provide essential proficient supervision and resolve the problems, particularly on the legal privileges of both parties and the opportunities accessible to them. The objective is to discuss with the tenant or owner to propose an honest, instant, and valid explanation. 

5 Steps to Resolve Rental Dispute Cases in Dubai

Rental Disputes Center (RDC) is the central authority that assists in resolving rental dispute cases. This authority hears dissents between an owner and a tenant, providing the respective groups a just opinion should a conflict arise. A hearing generally happens in Arabic. However, RDC delivers a translator for those who can’t speak the official language of the United Arab Emirates. A rental dispute case can undergo the steps evaluated below.

1. Application to the Department  

The property owner and the tenant sit together to discover a solution to the rental disagreement case. Still, one of the two has to record an objection first to the Rental Disputes Center. The application must be submitted with the essential official papers at RDC’s client facility counter to register a rental dispute case in Dubai. The compulsory papers are like so:  

  • Original RDC tender  
  • Original petition application
  • Two authorised copies of the petition  
  • Power of attorney (If applicable)  
  • Petitioner’s passport copy 
  • Current rental agreement

After submitting the essential documents and the charges to the RDC, a receipt will be given along with the date for the hearing of the rental dispute case.   

2. Hearing at the Court

A hearing at the court is only significant in the case that the rental dispute isn’t resolved at the Rental Dispute Center. The legal court in the UAE will hear the accounts and statements of parties from both sides, which are sent to the magistrate in the form of a letter.

3. Filing Case in Court of Appeal 

An appeal will be filed at the Court of Appeal, where all types of cases are filed, and a hearing is done. Property legal advisors can file an appeal fifteen days after a resolution has been approved. This is only applicable for asserts that surpass AED 50,000.

4. Filing Case in Court of Cassation 

A rental dispute case worth a minimum of AED 330,000 can be filed in the Court of Cassation in thirty days following the transitory ruling from the Court of Appeal. The Court of Cassation is the highest court where you can file a case.

5. The RDC Power

The group with a favourable decree can force the other group to the rental dispute case resolved by legal resources. The Rent Disputes Center owns power over rental disputes that occur in Dubai, excluding financial rent agreements and rent dispute cases within the accessible economic areas of Dubai.

Value-Added Information

The most prevalent disputes that ascend among an owner and a tenant comprise tenant resistance to free the asset in the agreed time structure, insufficiency in resolving rental expenditures, an imbalanced rise in the rent, and owners cutting out the vital facilities that are necessary by the tenant typically to tempt the tenant to dispense. Both owner and the tenant can file a case over the rental dispute. To sustain a right, the party submitting the objection will also be mandatory to give that evidence of communication between the parties.  

Not one person likes to go through an unfair owner. Simultaneously, however, tenants should also tolerate the responsibility of being respectable tenants. Think of, with an excellent tenant-landlord connection; you can evade all kinds of disagreements and continuously reach a common ground that is fair to both parties.

The Mandatory Ending

Rental disagreements can be excruciating, and they can engage in masses of possessions from both parties. If you’re presently in such a condition, the most significant step you can take is to register the help of a rental dispute lawyer in Dubai. Real estate lawyers in Dubai have years of information and skill in handling rental disputes. We can recommend the top realistic way to settle an argument for both an owner and a tenant. A substitute quarrel determination will be the best alternative; however, cooperation and arbitration may not be available for your case. These ways can be hugely beneficial for you if living in Dubai and having such problems of rental disputes. The article mentioned above includes all the lawful and essential steps that can help you in a significant way.

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