May 23, 2024

4 Stunning Real Estate Video Marketing Examples

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Real Estate Video Marketing

In the competitive marketplace, video marketing has now become a must-have strategy for savvy real estate agents and businesses out there. Whether it’s a simple house tour shot with smartphone cameras or fancy property walkthrough captured by drones, real estate videos can be a powerful tool to grab target customers’ attention and generate more trust.

That said, many real estate agents still have no clue how to create a captivating real estate video marketing strategy that captures the audience’s attention. In this post, we will break down some stunning real estate video marketing examples to help you get inspired.

Example #1. Pienovi Properties

This professional-looking real estate video walks you through the entire house in a high-resolution. It helps the viewers to get as close as possible to a listing without actually being there. This quite immersive video allows the real estate company to provide a sharp look at property beyond the standard street-level perspective.

No narration is needed. All those luxurious, compelling footage say enough about the property. The video also includes the location, so the viewers have an understanding of where the unit is located.

Example #2. Vancouver Real Estate Films

Only by watching this captivating real estate video, the viewers can already find reasons why this grand-scale luxury estate residence should be a dream house. The smooth transition and well-captured aerial footage, in particular, stand out as they are both fun to watch and uniquely informative.

The video uses uplifting background music to give a cheerful vibe to viewers. It also includes ambiance noises to make the video even more engaging. The video starts by showing the front yard before it takes the viewers inside the building to give them more details about the property. This shows you how videos can give a more immersive experience than real estate photography.

Example #3. Walton and Allen

As VR continues to grow, 360-degree videos are likely to become a new standard, especially for businesses in the real estate industry. Providing 360-degree real estate video allows you to give potential customers a maximum immersive experience.

This immersive real estate video like this one is a fantastic way of highlighting your properties in much more detail as well as showing that your business is innovative and forward-facing. So, instead of making the viewers complete outsiders who can only watch the property in front of the screen, you make them a main part or character of the video.

Example #4. 3Sixty Strategies – Client Reviews

Another type of real estate video that you should consider creating — besides walkthroughs and house tours are customer testimonials. This video shows you a customer from 3Sixty Strategies property that shares their positive experience after working with the company.

This testimonial video can help other target customers be convinced and tempted to check out the company. It is also an effective way to put a human face to the testimonial. The narration is authentic and casual. It doesn’t sound like coming from a script, making the video even more genuine and trustworthy.

Conclusion: Jump Into the Real Estate Video Bandwagon Today!

Those four stunning examples of real estate videos can help you get a solid insight into how you capture the property and make it appealing for your target customers. 

When it comes to real-estate videos, fancy equipment makes it much easier for you to create professional-looking videos. But, in today’s digital world, you can simply create straightforward videos and share them to your social media profiles constantly to engage audiences and build a solid target audience base. 

That is obviously beneficial for small real estate agents who just started their overall marketing campaigns. So, no matter how much budget you have for your real estate video marketing campaigns, there’s always a way to create stunning videos effortlessly.


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

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