June 22, 2024

15 Best Real Estate Mobile Apps for 2021

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Real Estate Mobile Apps

Being a new agent, or an experienced one, if you are looking to free up some cash to purchase leads for apps then, paying the big bucks for apps would be tough.

That’s why, today, we are here to list down the top free and affordable Real Estate Apps that are actually game-changers for the agents this year, 2021.

Without wasting your time, let’s check out the top Real Estate Apps and software below.]

  1. CINC

An app namely, CINC comes with the power to monitor your incoming leads and manages to take them to your phone, qualify them, and next, connect them directly to your phone with no text messaging or email, saving much of your time and enhancing conversion rate.

Use: The realtors use the CINC app to handle their leads on a single go. Also, such an app includes a visually engaging app where you are allowed to view, manage, prioritize quickly your pipeline, assisting you to target your efforts on the top leads.

CINC Integrations: Dotloop, BombBomb, Gmail, Follow Up Boss, Mailchimp, RingCentral, Realvolve, Salesforce, Chime, Zillow, and many more.

  1. Realvolve

This real estate mobile app provides the entire workflow and automation features that one can expect from a real estate CRM. Moreover, it is easy to use, scale, and is affordable.

Use: Realvolve creates repeatable workflows to assist the users to manage the new text, contacts, email communication, files, calendars and events, and more.

Realvolve Integrations: Real Geeks, Facebook, Google, Mailchimp, and more.

  1. Hotjar

Hotjar permits one with the strength to see where the leads are clicking and what they are reading on the website.

Use: Moreover, Hotjar provides a visualization of what your leads are performing on your website. It maps scroll depth, which is a measurement of how far your leads are going down your pages. This app reveals how many of your leads are reading your entire post with a percentage.

Hotjar Integrations: Segment, Optimizely, HubSpot, Omnionvert, and more.

  1. CamScanner

The mobile phones have brought some amazing things to us. Apart from having access to human knowledge, it comes with a motion sensor, video camera, and still camera also. With the CamScanner app, you are allowed to scan the documents easily.

Use: Moreover, this app permits you to take easily all the annoying paperwork that some brokers ask for and make clear scans even when you are at home or away from your office scanner.

CamScanner Integrations: N/A

  1. Dropbox

A simple app that permits you to store the files on a go, Dropbox is common among the realtors these days and is installed on this mobile phone mostly.

Use: Dropbox is used by real estate agents to store videos, photos, leases, disclosure forums, and any other documents that they have in the cloud on their phones.

Dropbox Integrations: Slack, Zapier, HubSpot, DocuSign, HelloSign, Insightly, Hootsuite, and more.

  1. HubSpot CRM & Sales Tool

Holding 30,000+ customers in about 91 countries, HubSpot is a widely-accepted free sales tool and CRM on the globe.

Use: A CRM tool, HubSpot provides sales and marketing tools. With its free version, it provides contact management, email scheduling, deal and task pipelines, email templates, and more.

HubSpot CRM Integrations: Zendesk, Zapier, Hotjar, Uberconference, Unbounce, HelloSign, LiveChat, WordPress, and more

  1. Smith

One more app for the agents, Smith comes with the places that may be of some work. Also, it provides quick estimates of all such sort of jobs nearby in your city.

Use: Offer you estimates for the construction projects and assisting buyers to hire contractors and achieve professional estimates.

Smith Integrations: None

  1. BrokerAssist

A one-stop-shop, BrokerAssist comes with referrals or other fast real estate gigs for which you need a realtor. It’s an amazing way to get or hire real estate gigs within your brokerage in your association.

Use: All such referrals or hiring for listing referrals, showings, running keys, and more.

BrokerAssist Integrations: None

  1. Propertybase

Merging Salesforce-based CRM with MLS integration, and IDX lead-generation sites that perform together smoothly, Propertybase is known to be an all-in-one platform.

Use: A powerful combo of CRM and website builder, Propertybase is best to nurture and advanced lead generation. Also, its CRM performs everything that a realtor needs.

Propertybase Integrations: BombBomb, DocuSign, Dotloop, Homes.com, Revaluate, Spacio, and more.

  1. Dotloop (Transaction Management Software)

Over the years, Dotloop has become a dominant player in the real estate industry. Also, it has released a free version for individual agents.

Use: If you have not used Dotloop earlier, be all set to have a stack of your PDFs and papers blown into your recycle bin as it provides e-sign, form creation, and transaction management on one smooth platform only.

Dotloop Integrations: Zillow Premier Agent, Accounttech, BombBomb, Real Geeks, Shortrack, and more.

  1. Amitree Folio (Lightweight Transaction Management & Email Assistant)

Lately, Amitree has acquired $7 million in venture capital funding to craft its platform for the agents.

Use: It gets attached to your Gmail account and organizes the documents, transactions, deal timelines automatically that you can share with your clients.

Amitree Folio Integrations: Gmail

  1. Buffer (Social Media Management Platform)

Being a team leader or a busy agent, if you have attempted hard to handle various social media accounts, the Buffer is the best. It permits you to pre-schedule the posts all across various accounts so that one can perform weeks of work on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram in a few hours.

Buffer Integrations: Pinterest, Facebook, Zapier, Twitter, WordPress, and more.

  1. Zillow Premier Agent App

This app is a must for the agents who want to list their properties for free. This Premier agent app has lead sorting, task management, and lead assignment, and more features for the teams.

Use: It offers a powerful free CRM that permits you to import leads through Gmail. Even you can set texts, reminders, emails, and tasks and also offer you a granular look at what your leads are looking for.

Zillow Integrations: BoomTown, Realtor.com (via Gmail), more via Zapier

  1. Zapier

A software platform that seems to be magic. With lots of users all over the world, Zapier is also best for real estate agents.

Use: Zapier is viewed as a glue that sticks to two distinct apps or software platforms. It permits you to automate an action in only one app depending on a change in another one.

Zapier Integrations: More than 1,000 integrations and apps, like Gmail, Trello, and HubSpot;

  1. Cloze

This is the best option that provides a stripped-down version for free.

Use: Cloze assists real estate agents in organizing their relationships just by tracking call history and opening emails, and even by pulling their social media info.

Cloze Integrations: Dropbox, Zapier, OneNote, Slack, OneDrive, and more.


These mobile apps are very useful for people in the real estate industry. If you ever want to build a real estate app then hiring professional app developers should one of your priorities. As they have experience and the technical expertise to include advanced features in apps for real estate.

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