April 23, 2024

On-demand Real Estate App: Let Users Buy, Sell, and Rent Properties on Smartphones

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Can you imagine how people can now find properties using online real estate marketplace apps? Anyone can now use their smartphones to look for a villa, apartment, showroom, farmhouse, and more. 

Moreover, a report from the National Association of Realtors Research Group mentions that in 2021, nearly 97% of homebuyers used the Internet to search for and browse properties. 

These respondents mostly used mobile devices and tablets to search for suitable properties. 

 With the way on-demand apps are shaping our world, it’s no surprise that there are apps for buying homes, selling land, or even renting an office. The popularity of on-demand real-estate apps is growing consistently. Therefore, it proves that people are quickly adopting these apps to buy, sell, and rent properties. 

Real Estate Apps: What Are They? 

Real estate apps let your users search and purchase properties like homes, farmhouses, commercial buildings, land for construction, etc., online. 

These apps give your users all the information about the property they are looking for in one place. 

Benefits of Developing a Real Estate App 

Realtors and entrepreneurs aspiring to enter the real estate business are actively looking for white-label app development services. Why? For starters, it helps them boost revenues by enabling users to find properties or list them for sale or rent. 

Additionally, launching a real estate mobile application also helps businesses keep up with the latest market trends. Here are a few more benefits you must consider:

Finding properties

They can find residential apartments and land, villas, showrooms, warehouses, industrial buildings, etc., all on the same application. 

Additionally, they can see all the essential details of the property, such as area, furnishing, number of floors, listing type, and so on. 

Shortlist the properties they like

When searching for the property, your users can mark it as a favorite or save it for later. 

They can access all the shortlisted properties in one place and then carry on their search for the one that’s best for them. 

Call the property owner 

Your users can call the owner of the property to speak directly with them and get their queries resolved. 

However, this feature is available only after sending an inquiry through the application. 

Connect directly with the customers 

The app helps property owners directly connect with their potential customers and close the deal without any interference from a mediator. Thanks to smartphones and the real estate marketplace app, people can find any property with one tap. 

By using the contact feature on the app, both the property owner and potential customers can connect to take the deal further. 

Increase accessibility

People can easily use real estate apps to browse available properties and also contact the owner. Since everything is online, interested buyers or renters can connect with the property owner anytime and anywhere via the app. 

 This flexibility is most useful for busy professionals who don’t have enough time to visit the property on the go! 

Enhance user experience

A well-designed and developed real estate application ensures a smooth, user-friendly experience compared to a website. 

With the help of the application, it gets easier for users to find properties matching their requirements and access all the related information as well. 

Featured recommendations

The application displays the featured ads at the top, increasing the post’s visibility. 

If the search matches the user’s needs, they can move towards closing the deal by simply tapping on the featured ad. 

Moreover, the system displays personalized recommendations based on the user’s search. It makes property searching even easier for the user. 

Improve marketing and sales

Mobile apps work as a great tool for marketing, especially for online or app-based businesses. 

As the owner of the application, you can easily send push notifications to users with a few clicks! These notifications allow you to inform users about listings, upcoming promotions, and various other updates.

It will help property owners get better leads and also enable your business to gain more visibility!  

Increase efficiency

The real estate apps have made the buying, selling, and renting of properties very simple. In other words, this saves users’ time, money, and effort as well!

No involvement of broker or agent 

One of the key benefits of this app will be the elimination of property brokers or agents who ask for high commissions. 

Using the application, the property owner and buyer or renter can meet online directly without the interference of a mediator. 

Therefore, they can communicate easily and with complete transparency, in addition to avoiding the hassle of paying commissions. 

Save money and time 

On-demand real estate apps allow users to save time and money by confirming property deals on their smartphones. 

It allows all the involved parties to communicate effortlessly with one another at their convenience. In addition, it makes looking for buyers, sellers, or renters easier. 

Additionally, using an on-demand app will avoid the need for mediators in this process. Therefore saving both the buyer or renter and the property seller significant sums of money! 

How Does the Real Estate Marketplace App Work? 

To enable your users to easily buy, sell, and rent properties online using your app, you design a simple workflow. 

By designing a simple workflow, you can allow users to quickly lookup properties or post a listing for them. 

Well, here’s how the real-estate app works: 

Property Search 

● Users can log in to the app or register if they already haven’t. 

● Once they’re on the home screen, they can choose the category they want: residential apartment, villa, industrial shed, commercial land, etc. 

● Also, they can directly search for the property from the home screen. 

● Users can also add filters to make the search easier. For example, they can choose the property’s face, number of rooms, furnishing, age, and so on. 

● The system will display the relevant results accordingly. To view more details about the property, the user can tap on the option. 

● The app also allows them to contact the owner of the property. 

Buy or rent the property 

  • Users can start buying or renting properties by registering on the app using their social media credentials. Once they sign up on the app, they’ll be able to see all properties available for rent or sale near their current location. 
  • Users can also apply filters and search the properties based on pricing, furnishing, number of floors, etc.
  • Users can also view essential details of the property they like. 
  • Along with basic details of the property they wish to buy or rent, users can also see the property’s images uploaded by the owner, its resale or rent price, amenities, location, etc.
  • The best part is that users can see the property’s location on the map. 
  • To contact the property owner, users can submit an inquiry form and call them as well. 

Post a new listing 

  • To post a listing for putting properties on sale or rent, the user has to go to the “New Listing” option. After clicking on the button, they’ll be redirected to the page where they can start posting the details of their property. 
  • The user needs to select the property type first. 
  • Then, the user needs to enter the location so that property hunters know where it is located. The user can pin the property’s location on the map and enter the address. 
  • If the owner wishes, they can also hide the property’s address.
  • Users can review everything they’ve filled in before posting it. 
  • Users can see all the properties they’ve posted to date under the “Posted Items” section and also manage them from this page.
  • After getting approval from the admin, the listing will be visible on the on-demand real estate app for the public.

Now that you know how the application works, let’s learn about its features. See which of these you should integrate in order to improve your user’s convenience. 

Key Features of a Real Estate App 

●    Face ID/Fingerprint login: iPhone users can now use Face ID to log into your application, while Android users can use Fingerprint Scanning. 

●    Multiple payment options: the app allows your users to choose the preferred payment method: cash, credit card, or in-app wallet. 

●    Send inquiry: users can also send inquiries directly to the property owner. The owner can then respond to the inquiry and connect with the customer. 

●    Edit profile: on the app, users can edit their profiles without any hassles. 

●    Upload photos and videos: the app also enables users to upload multiple photos and videos of the property. 

●    Apply multiple filters: users can also apply multiple filters to find the most relevant property as per their needs. 

Useful filters and categories 

So, finding the exact property is one of the difficult points of the overall process. Well, ease it out with your on-demand real estate app

Provide useful filters and categories so that users get exactly what they are looking for.

The advanced categories and filters can help them find a perfect match for all of their property requirements. 

In-app push notifications

Push notifications can effectively engage users with your real estate app. 

In addition, you could use the feature to promote your application and interact with users by keeping them posted with all the “latest” updates that your online business has. 

Further, using notifications, you can send personalized messages to users, giving valuable insights on pricing, offers, deals, etc.

Besides, through push notifications, your users will be able to learn about new posts that happened on the app, see if a user is trying to contact them, etc. 

Contact the property owner 

In case a user is interested in the property deal and wants to move ahead, he can easily send an inquiry to the owner. 

They are only required to provide their contact details, along with simply mentioning that they are keen on buying or renting the place from them.

Cost to Develop a Real-estate App like Zillow

The cost of developing a real-estate app like Zillow can vary because of several factors. These factors include budget, complexity, and much more. Mentioned below are core factors that can impact the cost of developing the mobile app for your online real estate business. 

The complexity of the app

If you choose a ready-made app solution, you can get multiple features, like in-app push notifications, live location tracking, panic buttons, etc., within your budget. 

App development approach

If you decide to build the app yourself, it will cost you more because you have to gather the whole team. 

However, working with a white-label company will not involve any bank-breaking costs or efforts from your side. Additionally, a pre-built app is more affordable as compared with developing custom-made applications.

Time of app development 

The longer it takes you to build the app, the more operational money you will require. 

On the other hand, white-labeling a pre-built app takes only one to two weeks. It is also less expensive than building a feature-rich app from scratch.

Final Words

Now that you understand what a real-estate app development is, how it works, and the cost of building one, it’s time to move on.

Contact a white-label app development company. Get the complete package ready and launch your real-estate marketplace app on Android and iOS.  But bear in mind that you are developing and launching this app to make buying, selling, or renting properties easy for your users.

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