July 16, 2024

Apps For Real Estate Agents To Take Your Real Estate Business To The Next Level

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apps for real estate agents

apps for real estate agents

Apps for real estate agents? People no longer are looking for the rented house or property through conventional ways. Nowadays, they search properties using the property agent app.  Browsing properties from the apps for real estate agents is quick, convenient, and can be done on the go. Whenever you are free, you can simply open the app and browse, put your favorite property listing in favorite and that’s it.

One cannot overlook the importance of mobile apps, generating more profits, getting more leads, increased brand visibility, and more.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who have yet to develop apps for real estate agents, we give you significant reasons why you should be quick:

Your customers have got no time

Today, customers do not have time to personally visit the property since it involves looking for more than one. Lack of time, wandering for the house is the last thing they will do.

Lack of information

How to find out about a certain property? The traditional way to look for the property was to contact a real estate agent and get information or ask people around which is a time-consuming task and not always work.


Getting a house on a budget is equally challenging. To match the budget criteria, the user has to keep looking through conventional ways, contacting real estate agents, and so on. The Property Agents app makes it easy and quick to see the pricing and other details.

How Do Apps For Real Estate Agents Make Money?

If you are thinking that developing a Property Estate Agents app is only about the listing of properties then you are wrong. You can monetize the app by:

Charging subscription fees

A small fee can be charged from the members to gain full access and other features of the real estate agents app.


For every inquiry taking place to the agent, and vis-a-versa can be charged as a small commission

Banner ads

Run advertisements from 3rd party that can be construction companies, real estate companies, etc.

Charging for coming on-board

This is for those who property listers and real estate service providers who wish to list their services with the app can play a minimum fee and get onboard.

Latest Feature To Add To Your Property Agent Apps

Developing an apps for real estate agents can increase customer engagement, resolving the gaps, and boosting incoming leads.

Here are the unique features that your real estate app should have:

Interactive design

The apps for real estate agents don’t have to be fancy but built on interactive design. The layout and navigation should be easy to understand. Confusing and flashy design can mislead the consumer. They get frustrated while navigating from one feature to another. Thus, keep it simple and sweet, and easy to read

Interactive map

The map feature assists customers to see the listing in the said location while they are driving or even though they are browsing the app from the home.

Saving favorites

Every time looking for the properties that you have shortlisted can be time-consuming and irritating when unable to search them quickly. The saving favorite feature allows the user to retrieve it quickly.

3D Virtual tours

VR technology is an incredibly helpful offer in the real estate sector. Apps with VR tours allow individuals to look around a home without having to visit it in person. Thus, saving a lot of time and enables them to see more properties with less effort.


Whether you wish to announce the new listing of the properties, update them with the new rental policies, trending rates, or more – thus the feature helps to send a notification to the masses in one go.

Advanced searching option

This feature allows the user to narrow down, searching very specific in terms of price, location, sq ft – carpet area / super built-up area/ amenities, etc.

Signing documents online

Signing documents requires sending in person or through courier. To eliminate the hassle, integrating your property estate agent app with an electronic signature function app is the quickest way is the easiest ways to get the signatures on the go.

Mortgage calculator

An app for real estate agents providing mortgage calculators and rates proves to be an ideal feature in boosting customer engagement in your app. Thus, this way it makes it easy for the customers to calculate their mortgage loan. Build a Zillow Clone App that comes built with such attractive features to boost your real estate business.

If you are looking to build a real estate agent app like Zillow, Trulia, Zumper, Realtor, Redfin, Trovit, HotPads hiring a mobile app development company can help you do so. Thus, discuss your concept with their app developer team and get the live demo. Therefore, investing in a white-label readymade Real Estate Clone Script solution can help you launch your business in as quick as 5 days.

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