April 23, 2024

What You Need To Know Before Moving To Bethesda, MD

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Being in proximity to the nation’s capital comes with several perks. In Bethesda, Maryland, almost every aspect of life revolves around that fact. 

Bethesda is an unincorporated census-designated place that has an enviable suburban charm. Combined with the slew of urban conveniences and activities that are normally found in big cities, it’s no wonder that there’s a continuous influx of people adding to this suburb’s 68,000+ population. 

If you’re thinking about relocating or simply exploring homes for sale in Bethesda, MD, here are several things you need to know.

Fun fact about Bethesda’s history

During its days as a rural way station, Bethesda was named after a local store owned by a certain William E. Darcy. People would refer to the place as “Darcy’s Store.” It wasn’t until 1871 when the local postmaster decided to rename the community after the nearby Presbyterian church called the Bethesda Meeting House. This place of worship is now a historic site that’s open to visitors and history buffs. 

Premium cost of living offset by high-paying jobs

It’s a known fact that the cost of living in Bethesda is higher than in most places. On top of relatively higher costs for daily expenses and monthly utilities, home prices typically range anywhere from $420 thousand to well over $2 million. 

For whatever strain Bethesda’s cost of living could give to its residents’ pockets, the high median income per household at $173,873 — 39% more than the national median ($67,521) — compensates. This puts Maryland at the rank of second among all states with the highest median household income. 

Another positive economic indicator is Bethesda’s thriving job market. Some of the key industries here include finance, technology, health, defense, and many more. 

A world of dining and entertainment options

While Bethesda is known for its great neighborhoods and serene surroundings, there’s also a vibrancy that’s hard to miss. You’ll find an array of dining and entertainment options that will suit a range of tastes. Here’s a snapshot: 

  • True Food Kitchen is a great restaurant if you’re looking for flavorful and innovative seasonal dishes. 
  • Gringos & Mariachis is a local favorite when it comes to authentic Mexican cuisine and amazing margaritas.

Hassle-free commuting

Bus and rail services under the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority cover Bethesda and other neighboring communities. This is one of the busiest transit systems in the country, second only to New York City Transit. Commuting by train or bus using this transport system is among the most convenient ways to get around quickly and with least effort. 

Dozens of cultural and educational attractions 

Bethesda is replete with cultural and educational attractions. From museums and ballet theaters to historic sites, you’ll find a variety of thought-provoking and dazzling displays of human ingenuity. 

  • Head to The Kreeger Museum if you’re looking for the finest pieces of American art from the 1850s to the 1970s. 
  • The Smithsonian National Zoological Park offers free admission to see a menagerie of fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom. 

Dumbarton Concerts is a premier venue for various musical performances.

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