April 17, 2024

Top 5 Must-Haves in a Luxury Home

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It’s no secret that living in a luxury home has its benefits. Not only do you get to reside in an exceptional property, but the location and amenities are usually top-notch as well. If you’re looking for your next dream home, here are five features every luxury house should have!

1) A spa-like bathroom with an oversized bathtub 

This is the first thing everyone thinks of when they think about a luxury home. A spa-like bathroom with an oversized tub sounds like something we want, but often don’t have time for. The idea that instant destressing and ultimate relaxation are available at any given time is definitely a feature to be desired.

An oversized bathtub is something that can make all the difference when we want to have a long soak in some warm water. It can be a great way to decompress after a long, hard day of work and get our bearings back before we head out again into the world.

San Diego real estate expert Kimo Quance stated “A spa-like bathroom with an oversized bathtub is one of those things that every new homeowner imagines in their home when they think about what luxury means for them personally.” 

2) An open floor plan 

If you want to enjoy the space and light that good architecture provides, your home should have an open floor plan. The best way to achieve this is by using glass walls or large windows in order to allow natural light into every room of your house. This will aid in illumination, but also provide better views from one side of the living area to the other.

Transparency is a luxury in architecture that you’ll find in most luxury homes. A home with an open floor plan creates a light and spacious feeling, and glass walls allow natural light to flow into every room of the house. This relaxed atmosphere not only feels comfortable but depending on your property and location, you may also be able to enjoy some pretty spectacular views.

Mark Templeton, owner of Templeton Real Estate Group, added “Open floor plans not only allow for better decor flow but also allow for each room to flow into the next without any barriers. This creates a sense of openness and makes it feel like you have more space, no matter the size of your home.” 

3) State of the Art Technology

Technology has become an integral part of everyday life – including life at home. Nowadays, luxury homes are infused with state-of-the-art technology in virtually every room. 

Top Denver real estate broker Brian Burke said “From security systems to touch-screen appliances, more and more luxury homeowners are demanding technology.

Many luxury homes these days have a bunch of technology-infused appliances. These include refrigerators that can keep track of the food inside and alert you when something is going to spoil, dishwashers that automatically sense how dirty the dishes are and adjust the cleaning cycle accordingly, smart thermostats which ensure comfort at all times and of course, appliances and systems that can be connected to one’s smartphone.

4) Chef’s Kitchens

Luxury real estate should include chef-style kitchens for a few different reasons. Having a chef’s kitchen allows the homeowner to always have whatever they need right at their fingertips. These kitchens are also well equipped to handle high-end cuisine and large dinner parties or events.

Jordan Scarpino of West Coast Real Estate Hub said “There is a certain beauty in the design of chef’s kitchens that can’t be found in other types of kitchens. If properly designed and decorated, a chef’s kitchen can quickly become one of the main attractions of your luxury home.

In addition to these reasons, a chef’s kitchen can also be an excellent place to show off high-end appliances!

5) Spectacular Outdoor Living Space

Your dream backyard should be a place where you can hang out with your family, entertain friends, or simply get some time away from the office. Imagine a space that offers all of this and more – one that is landscaped beautifully for year-round enjoyment and features amenities like an outdoor kitchen/grill area complete with gas hookups for easy entertaining, a covered dining area and a bar that extends from the house to the pool for a seamless transition.

Ocean City real estate expert Mitchell David said “Today’s luxury homebuyer is not only interested in what the interior of the home offers, they are also focused on what the exterior of the home provides.”

Many times these features include stunning pools, relaxing spas, full furnished outdoor living rooms and much more. Looking beyond just a meticulously manicured lawn, luxury home backyards are becoming a selling feature of the property.

Luxury home buyers are looking for so many of these features and more because they want to be able to entertain and live in a place that is perfect for their lifestyle. Whether you’re entertaining clients, your family, or just yourself, a luxury home should be able to offer exceptional living without compromise.

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