May 29, 2024

7 Must-Know Hvac Maintenance Tips

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hvac maintenance

You depend on your HVAC system throughout the year to create comfort for you. Your HVAC system works harder than you think to keep you warm and cool, and just like the other systems, it needs regular maintenance for working efficiently. 

Proper care ensures that your HVAC system is running all season long. Here are some maintenance tips you can follow to keep comfort levels high. 

Pay Attention To Performance

You must pay attention to your HVAC system. If you see any grinding down, slowing down, and buzzing sound in your system, it means that there is a problem. You should also monitor its performance, like if it’s doing proper cooling or heating or any fluctuations in the temperature. If you detect the problem sooner, you save your system from colossal damage. 

Schedule Annual Maintenance 

It is important that you tune your HVAC systems every summer and tune the heaters before every winters. Regular maintenance not pnly prevents your system from heavy repairs but also saves you from paying heavy repairing cost for fixing the breakdown. 

Regular maintenance makes sure that your system is operating at peak and giving you maximum comfort. Contact HVAC contractor and schedule a time for maintenance at least once a year. 

Change Air Filters

You are wrong if you think air filter of your HVAC system can be replaced once a year. Air filters are needed to be changed after every 30 to 90 days and you need to check them after every 30 days to see if there is dirt that is going to clog the filters. If you see any dirt or particles, you should clean the filter or replace it with a new one. 

Clean The Drains

Cleaning bor replacing the air filters is not enough for the HVAC cleaning. You should also check for remaining parts such as drains which can accumulate the mold and algae and cause clogging. For cleaning them, mix water with a bleach solution and pour it down the air-conditioner’s drains that will remove all the algae or mold built up inside it. 

Clean The Outdoor Unit

Since outdoor unit of the HVAC system does the equal work and is as important as the indoor unit, you should not forget it. It also requires regular maintenance. Do daily check ups to make sure that no leaves and debris is stuck inside the fan window. And if you see any, then wipe down the insides to get rid of those debris and shrubs. 

Clear The Ventilators

Cleaning and vacuuming the air ventilators helps to prevent them from accumulating dirt and dust which can disturb the airflow. Make sure you check the air flow and if you see any weak airflow, you should call for HVAC technicians to fix the problem as soon as possible. 

Buy A Maintenance Plan

Buying a HVAC maintenance plan is a wise investment decision. If you dont know anything about the system checks, there is a high possibility that you do the wrong inspection or might not find the real orblem. By buying a maintenance plan you will get your HVAC system serviced annually and that one time invest will save you from multiple costs of getting it repaired on multiple breakdowns.

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