May 23, 2024

10 Home Staging Rules Every Realtor and Stager Should Follow

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home staging rules

The real estate business is on the rise. The industry is growing at a fast pace. It has now become one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Home staging is one of the most important aspects of selling a house. It is the process of preparing a house for sale. House staging aims to make a house look its best so that it will sell quickly and for the highest price possible. A well-staged home can double the value of your property. It is the best way to showcase your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Here are the home staging rules from experts that every realtor and stager should follow:

Start with the Front Door

The front door of the house is like a door to paradise. It represents the entire house. The front door is the first thing potential buyers will see when they come to your house. Make sure that it is clean and in good condition. Paint it if necessary. Or replace it if it’s worn out. If your house’s main door is dirty or in bad condition, it will negatively affect the buyers. Be sure to make it look welcoming and inviting. A calm and cool color like blue or green can give a good feeling to potential buyers.

Declutter Every Room

It is important to declutter every room in the house before putting it up for sale. Cluttered rooms look small and uninviting. Potential buyers will find difficulty in picturing themselves living in a cluttered house. So be sure to declutter every room and make it look as spacious as possible. Moreover, when selling your house, you should remove all personal items such as family photos, religious items, and political items. These items can make potential buyers feel like they intrude on your privacy. They will also have a hard time picturing themselves living in the house, which may result in them passing on your house.

Add Some Greenery 

Plants are the instant way to make any room feel fresh and inviting. They also add color and life to a space. Place some green plants in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. If you have a yard, make sure it is trimmed and well-maintained. Plant flowers in the front yard to add curb appeal. Bring some indoor plants into the house to add color and life. A small plant pot in the kitchen and bathroom is also nice.

Make the Entryway Appealing

After the main door, the entrance is the next important thing people notice. It is like a mirror to the entire house. The first impression of your house starts right from the entrance. If you have a small and cramped entrance, it will make your house look smaller than it is. To make your entrance look bigger, use light colors on the walls and flooring. You can also hang a mirror on the wall to give the illusion of a larger space. Placing kilim or runner area rugs on the floor is also an awesome idea to make it look appealing. The key is to make it look uncluttered and inviting.

Re-do the Living Room

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is where you entertain your guests and spend time with your family. Therefore, it should be comfortable and inviting. To make your living room look more appealing, use light colors on the walls and furniture. You can also add some color with throw pillows or blankets. The key is to make it look warm and inviting. If possible, upholster your furniture with light colors as well.

Update Your Bathrooms 

The bathrooms play the most crucial role in impressing buyers. No one wants to buy a house with outdated and dirty bathrooms. Make sure the toilets are clean and the tiles are in good condition. Replace any old fixtures and update the hardware. Paint the walls in a neutral color to make the space look bigger. Redo the floors if necessary. Decorate your bathroom with fresh towels, candles, and flowers. A small rug on the bathtub and sink will add a touch of luxury. Also, don’t forget about the mat and extra toiletries baskets.

Make the Dining Room Warm

The dining room is another important room in the house. It is where you entertain your guests and have family meals. Therefore, it should be comfortable and inviting. To make your dining room attractive and appealing, use light colors on the walls and furniture. Placing the right shape and size dining room rugs is also important. It should be big enough to accommodate all the chairs when they are pulled out. The key is to make it look warm and inviting. 

Freshen Up the Kitchen 

The kitchen update is essential when selling your house. It is where a person prepares meals and spends time with their family. Therefore, it should be comfortable and functional. An updated and well-designed kitchen is the heart of a home. Make sure all the appliances are updated and in the right place. Paint the cabinets in an interesting shade. Update the hardware and change the worn-out items. The more updated and trendy your kitchen looks, the more buyers will be interested.

Turn on the Lights 

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of home staging. Make sure all the lights are on when buyers tour the house. In the evening, light candles to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Let the sunshine in during the day to brighten up the rooms. Natural light makes a big difference. So make sure it lights up the house.

Use Aromatherapy to Your Advantage

A home with an amazing scent is inviting and makes a great first impression. You can use scented candles, air fresheners, or diffusers to make your home smell amazing. It is one of the most important home staging tips that often gets overlooked. Light some scented candles in the evening, so your home smells great when buyers come for a showing. An essential oil diffuser makes your home smell amazing all day long.

Final Thoughts 

By following these simple home staging rules, you can make your house look its best and increase the chances of selling it quickly. Home staging is important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With a little effort, you can make your house look great and give buyers the confidence to make an offer. And if you need some new rugs for your home improvement task, look no further than RugKnots. They have a wide selection of beautiful, high-quality rugs at great prices. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start staging your home for sale!

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