April 17, 2024

How to Install a Exterior Door for Your Home?

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By learning how to install exterior doors, you effectively update one of the main features of your home’s appearance. This guide explains how to install the front door, including removing the old door, installing the new door, and upgrading hardware such as door hinges and knobs.

The exterior door is the most prominent feature of the house’s appeal. As a home improvement project, installing a new door can significantly impact a small investment.

How To Replace The Old Door Step By Step Process?

Replace your worn convex front door with a new, energy-efficient one. Replacement doors are attached to the frame depending on the weather, and you don’t have to be a skilled carpenter to do first-class work. We will show you the techniques that lead to a perfect waterproof installation.

Step 1 Measure The Old Door

Learning how to install a home entry door is to prepare a rough door opening. Ensure the direction of rotation of the door and placement of the handle meet your requirements.

When choosing a Provia doors, you need to know the “manual” of the door. Stand with your back along with the hinges on the door frame. If the hand is on the door handle on the right, it means the door with the right hand. If on the left, you have the door with your left hand.

Step 2 Remove The Old Door

Without removing the old door, you cannot replace the new entry. So remove the old door using all these instructions. Then open the door and lift it. Protect the floor with a drop. 

Step 3 Center and Test-Fit the Door and Frame

Place the door and jamb in the center of the rough hole as a test.

If necessary, line up the plumb bottom line until the door hangs. Adjust this if required to keep the doorposts square with each other. Double-check that the door is in the middle.

Step 4 Trace the Moulding

Follow the outline of the print on the wall. If you have vinyl or metal siding, you will need to enlarge the contours to make room for the additional finish required. Once you have finished the outline, remove the door and frame.

Step 5 Cut the Outline

Cut along the contour to the envelope. With safety glasses, start cutting by removing the blade from the siding, then lowering the movable blade into it.

Stop only short corners to avoid damage to the remaining walls. Finish the corner with a sharp wood chisel. Cut the part of the edge of the drop to fit the rough width of the hole. To create a moisture barrier, apply construction paper to exposed areas of walls and door frames.

Step 6 Check If Door Fixes Properly or not Before installing a new door

Check its fit and enlarge the opening if necessary. When you’re happy with the door, glue, and glue a few thick silicone beads to the bottom of the doorway. Fill in under the place where the bottom of the cornice and the brick will be.

Step 7 Adjust the Door and Center it

After fixing the door, center the door and push mold hard against the sheathing

Step 8 Check Door Jambs

Check that the door frame on the hinge side is vertical and soft if necessary.

If necessary, loosen the screws to return the handle to its position.

Step 9 Cut The Shims

Cut a pair of wedge-shaped cedar pads into flat pads.

Enter with different entrances and slide them into the gaps behind the hinges. 

Step 11 Put the New Anchor Screws

Remove the top two hinge screws and replace them with long anchor screws. These anchor bolts penetrate the frame members to strengthen the installation.

Step 12 Put New Lock and knob

Install the new door lock and knobby inserting the latch for the new section through the holes. Insert the locking pack through the locking screw and pull the handle together by tightening the retaining screw. Avoid damaging the screws with a hand screwdriver. Finish installation by attaching the strike plate to the door handle to hold the latch in place.


Not everyone who sells replacement exterior doors expects homeowners to install them themselves.  One of the advantages of exterior doors is their attractive curb. However, this usually goes away if your door is in rough condition. Maybe the damage is something that hides with a fresh coat of paint.

The door you buy must be of high quality, and so must be the way it installs. Unlike many other companies, we send our own highly skilled people to do the job instead of making contracts with other people. 

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