June 22, 2024

10 Budget-friendly ways to enhance the Curb Appeal of your Real Estate

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curb appeal of your real estate

Whether you want to increase the resale value of real estate, or win the title of  best looking house on the block/street’, refining its curb appeal is probably the most affordable and straight forward solution. When your house looks impeccable on the outside, spectators will automatically assume that is just as spectacular from the inside. If you have placed your property on the market, enhancing the curb appeal will definitely grab more attention. Home owners that tweak the exterior of their real estate are able to sell the place within weeks, whilst earning a considerable profit. Working with a real estate attorney can also accelerate the process and protect you from fraudsters. 

Enhancing your property’s curb appeal does not require extensive renovation or remodeling. It can be accomplished within a small budget and without making any major changes to the current layout/style. 

1. Deep Cleaning

If the outer surfaces of your house are sullied by dirt and grime, the first step is to indulge in some deep cleaning. A power wash can help remove the toughest of stains and layers of deposits, thereby restoring a building’s original form. Whatever method you choose for cleaning, don’t miss any gaps and crevices!

2. De-clutter

A messy exterior is always worse than a bare-looking one. For example, too many decorative ornaments, over-grown plants, and other random stuff piled on the front-side of the house looks bad. Trim the trees/shrubs, organize your stuff, and get rid of items that have no purpose at the entryway.

3. Replace worn-out Hardware

If your real estate’s external hardware is rusty, discolored, or worn out, it can ruin the first impression. The main door lock, bulb holders, and other fixtures should be in excellent condition (with respect to look and functionality); even better if they complement each other, as matching elements bring the house together. 

4. Beautify the Main door/Entrance

Polish the main door to add vibrancy and shine. You can also decorate it in accordance to the design and character of your home. For example, if you like greenery, you can add a wreath and welcome mat that is harmonious with the theme. 

5. Fresh Paint

If the old paint has faded, peeled off in places, and lost its vigor, it’s time to cover that up. A DIY paint job is easy and inexpensive. Adding a splash of fresh color instantly transforms the view, and makes a house look brand new. 

6. Get Flower boxes for Windows

Flowers can beautify any landscape, which is why you should use them to improve the aesthetics of your house. Putting up boxes of colorful flowers at the windows works wonders for curb appeal, and brings in fresh fragrant air inside the home when you open windows. 

7. Decorate the exterior with Planters

Natural elements are the safest and most effective choice for increasing curb appeal. A variety of well-kept planters around the entryway add life and opulence to the exterior of property. They also clean up the air and attract friendly fauna. 

8. Update the Lighting

Lighting up the exterior of the house from all sides helps is stand out after dark and provides a sense of security. Lights of different colors and levels of brightness can be used to create unique effects. It brightens up the place and highlights all the great features. 

9. Revamp the Mailbox

It is common practice to neglect the mailbox, and you probably don’t even remember when it was installed; perhaps it came with the house ten years ago. A conspicuous and glossy mailbox on the front is yet another way to develop curb appeal.  

10. Focus on Symmetry and Color Coordination

You may replace old hardware, add a fresh coat of paint, and bring in floral elements, but still fail at improving curb appeal if everything looks haphazard. The face-lift is going to be futile if it lacks synchronization. Make sure your color scheme does not have too much going on, i.e. do not work with a wide palette or decidedly contrasting shades. 

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