July 16, 2024

Design Inspirations that would surely feel pleasant to your eyes

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design inspirations

All homeowners define their interior style differently. Some are fond with antiques, some likes modern styles and others prefer bohemian style. Our interior designs are reflections of our personality and taste.  If you want to change your style or enhance it, but you do not know where you are going, we will cover everything you need to know about the design inspiration you need for your home.

When it comes to Designs, there are many different design styles to choose from. From decorative styles to coastal home decoration styles, there are countless inspirations. Knowing the true meaning of each design may cause confusion. The first step in organizing a decoration plan is to choose the style that best suits you.

1. Eclectic Design

Eclecticism is a decorative style, which has attracted in countless ways. The eclectic style is actually a very purposeful and well-thought-out model. This is ideal for those who like to combine styles and want an organized appearance. An eclectic interior design has several important features that create a culturally rich interior design from carefully selected materials. However, the nuances between layering and collecting are cumbersome and scattered. Stick to a neutral color palette and choose from several accent colors to capture the worldly atmosphere you want. With this in mind, it can balance ideal eclectic interior colors and textures. The old and the new are a perfect combination.

Handmade items give your home an eclectic atmosphere. By choosing a style, shape, texture, surface treatment, color; they can together form the overall appearance of eclectic interior design.

2. Bohemian Design

This is a style of interiors with many plants. It is similar to the eclecticism style, but it focuses more on natural elements, such as bamboo wicker, and the presence of many plants. A space like this feels very comfortable. Soft colors are present in this kind of interior design. They are usually earthy yellow, hunter green, natural wood, cream, etc. In fact, there are several popular colors in the entire space. This is a great style for anyone looking for a laid-back home that emphasizes the greatest aesthetics.

3. Coastal Design

When it comes to coastal decoration, consider the colors inspired by the warm white natural light and the soft sea. Materials such as wood and terracotta are common in coastal style houses, and most designs focus on the harmony between indoor and outdoor. It also focuses on soft colors and incorporates some natural elements, such as palm trees or driftwood.

You don’t have to live near the beach to appreciate the coastal interior design style. Coastal design pays attention to the natural environment. This can be seen through the color palette, down to the materials used for furniture and accessories. Neutral colors (such as white) are combined with beige to imitate sand. Blues are popular, similar to surfing. Coastal style houses always make people feel bright and fresh. The processing of this window is minimal. The light fabric blows in the wind and will surely pass through the coastal air.

4. Minimalist Design

The theme of a minimalist design is less is more. In this design, minimalist lines, precise contours and carefully edited color palettes are all creating gravitational interiors. They all have simple shapes, clean lines and simple finishes. The minimalist decorative style focuses on the principle that Japanese design has less inspiration. Minimalist design likes space.

5. Modern Farmhouse

The decoration of the modern farmhouse slightly enhances the traditional “shabby chic” appearance, using a lot of recyclable wood throughout the house, recycled parts from the country and barn, barn sliding doors instead of closet doors, wide wooden planks instead of narrow ones floor.

The interior of the farmhouse is also famous for its metal blending. It has this unique design style and value the relationship with nature. Green necessities with solid wood elements can be found in all rooms. The interior palette of the modern farmhouse is always in a neutral state. When you want to add an extra pop-add color, it is important to pull it away from nature. Try adding deep navy, sashimi green or burnt orange.

6. Mid-Century Modern Design

The interiors in the middle of this century began in the 1950s and 1960s after the war. At the same time, the design industry is trying to break through existing barriers and enter the modern world. To this day, we still use much popular mid-century modern furniture in our home. Pay attention to the versions of iconic furniture, such as the Eames sun chair, egg chair and wishbone chair. This style is very inclined to streamlined appearance, and with a mid-century modern retro style, which is widely defined as the design period from the mid-1930s to the late 1960s. In the past ten years, the design world in the middle of this century has undergone a huge renaissance. Today, you can find a mid-century replica in almost any furniture store. The traditional definition of the Middle Ages is futuristic, but modern, including works that seem to be lacking, function and form, play a major driving force in design choices.

7. Shabby Chic Design

The shabby and elegant interior design style began in the 18th century and later became a modern retro style. Old-fashioned furniture has always been the core of shabby and elegant interior design. In fact, it is common for individuals to pass on from generation to generation. Every generation has its own style. The shabby and elegant design makes people feel very soft and feminine.

8. Art Deco Design

Few people have heard of Art Deco style interior design. This iconic 20th century design style began in France and penetrated into the United States from the 1910s to the 1940s. The industrial revolution had a major impact on the design style of decorative arts. Therefore, during this period, metal is a popular material. Art Deco style works are easy to recognize because they usually have sharp and jagged edges. Large pieces of furniture are common from cabinets to sofas. Your interior also is filled with art decoration making your home feels like a museum.

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