July 21, 2024

Classic Interior Design Styles for Indian Homes

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Want to design an attractive interior for your home, but don’t know much about it. Everyone wants their home to be like a palace; their super efforts are on for this. However, people don’t realize that bringing 2-3 new items in the house can be made drastic changes.

Instead of this, several interior design styles which people can choose according to their choice. There are many things to look for like measurements, wall colors, chairs, sofa, and so on; for that professional ones are needed and people think professional takes lots of money, but this is not true.

This is not the work of a single person, proper planning is required for ensuring many things. If planning for interior design is properly covered with timing, it will withstand a great deal. Different styles needed different décor items according to the theme as mentioned above, then where to find those items.

These accessories are very expensive though, but if you are adopting a theme for a house, so these things are just as important. Websites like VoucherArena.in are offering huge discounts on such décor accessories; here you can use Home & Garden coupon Codes & offers to purchase interior design accessories.

If you want to start an interior design project for your home, then you should know about different interior design styles to make it better.

Traditional Indian Design Style

Traditional design style offers impressively detailed work, luxurious furnishings, and awe-inspiring accessories. This type of interior design is perfect for those who love decorations and styles that have a rich history behind them. This interior design mainly includes antique elements, classic art pieces, and other theme objects.

Traditional interior design highlights dark or lightly finished wood, rich color pallets, different textures with curved lines on them. There is depth, layers, and diversity in dimensions for traditional designs.

Traditional Indian Design Style includes,

  • Reflects perfect Indian décor.
  • Built-in cabinets
  • Furniture of dark wood with different accessories
  • Antique pieces and wood paneling
  • Expensive textiles with comfy fabrics
  • Intricate tile and wood floor patterns

Modern Design Style

Modern interior design style defines a present period in its designing skills. This design defines a home with clean lines, a crisp color palette with the material used in it are glass, steel, and metal. Modern design is having some sort of simplicity in it along with furniture and accessories that are used.

Modern style interior design is most popular in real life than the other design styles. Many times it happens that people appreciate the modern look but when it comes to living in such designed houses they will always prefer Traditional, Cottage, or Scandinavian interior designs.

Modern Design Style includes,

  • Primary colors are used with bold color contrasts
  • Most use of Geometric-patterns
  • Art is important than accessories
  • Less use of ornament
  • Furniture designs having basic shapes
  • Mostly used materials are metal, glass, and steel

Mid-Century Design Style

There are so many popular Mid-Century modern furniture pieces that are still used in our homes today. Mid-Century style can be a package deal, although some homes can have different interior as well as exterior style. But this won’t work in this style; the Mid-Century design style should be applied inside & outside of the home.  

The main theme followed by designers is usually accompanied by a crisp, simple line, rusty metals, a lot of wood, molded plastic plywood, fabrications.

Mid-Century Design Style includes,

  • Offers the 1950s to 1960s nostalgic look
  • Sparsely furnished
  • Natural or organically shaped furniture
  • The intact transition of the interior as well as exterior
  • Simple fabrications & easy to use designs

Nautical/Beach Design Style

It’s quite odd to have nautical-themed homes in the suburban area. The professionals are very punctual towards making your home truly comfortable by using blue, white, and sand-colored foundations, along with inexpensive wooden furniture.

This design style is relaxing, warm, and positive. The mainly used elements in this design are sea creatures, miniature ships, ropes, maps, anchors, and more. It makes you feel like you’re close to the sea.

The other materials are used like unfinished wood tables, chairs, and lounge seats. Along with it, there are splashes of bright colors like navy blue who loads the natural light.  

Nautical/Beach Design Style includes,

  • Light and breezy
  • Window covering
  • Rattan furniture and beds with natural oak frame
  • All white backdrop
  • Borrow colors from sand and shells
  • Crafted décor from natural fibers and organic materials

Minimalist Design Style

The Minimalist interior design style is defined by a sense of functionality with ultra-clean lines. “Less is more” is the principle function in it. As the name suggests, minimalist interior designs are simple and low-key. In this design, primary colors are used.

It takes notations from modern design style and further simplifies it. Here professionals take the best modern style designs and simplify them. Colour palettes are neutral, furnishings are simple nothing is more excessive or vibrant in this type of design. This is the people’s choice of interior design style we can say because it is pleasant coolness to eyes.

Minimalist Design Style includes,

  • Unfussy design with clean elegance.
  • Reflects simplicity in it.
  • Low-key parameters are used in décor
  • Primary colors are used at most.
  • Attractive designs that give coolness to the eyes

Contemporary Design Style

Contemporary styles are used frequently, but yes contemporary is different from other design styles. It includes curvy interior lines; also it creates such an environment that lasts for a lifetime.

The furniture used in this style represents a light and airy feel. Also, it features detailed molding work on walls as well as the window. Also tries to keep some sleek space in the house to add some other décor accessories.

Furniture and accessories used are made from materials like metal and glass because of their light-reflecting properties. Contemporary design includes open spaces, plenty of lights, straight lines, plenty of glass, wood, and some unusual layouts.

Contemporary Design Style includes,

  • Neutral colors with natural textured fabrics
  • Different kind of wood tones are used
  • More the use of natural lights
  • Open floor plans
  • Metal and glass material is used

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