June 22, 2024

Why Build A 60×40 Metal Building?

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When installing a building on your land for residential, agricultural, or commercial use, the choice of material plays a crucial role. There is more than one factor that you have to take into account. An important one is your budget. But you don’t want to cut costs on durability and looks either. You may wish to consider wood, but its time-consuming and high upkeep cost is an irk for many. So, what to choose?

The answer to that question lies deeper in the realm of material manufacturing. When galvanized, high-quality steel offers not only optimal strength but also the much-required longevity to the structure. So, let’s delve into this.

Why Build A 60×40 Metal Building?

The Assembling

As a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB), you get ready to assemble the design at your doorstep. All components are made in the factory and shipped in parts to the construction site. This process is less time-consuming, and assembling requires less labor. This not only saves time but also labor costs.

Cost-effectiveness is one reason many people switch from traditional materials to metal structures. In hindsight, it may seem like a metal building would be expensive, but that’s only correct if you consider the initial cost. However, when the overall cost, including after-care, is calculated, steel buildings seem to be a clear winner.

The Troubles

In the long run, metal building owners will save money on termite inspection and control, rodent and insect issues that bug many wooden building owners, and yearly staining, fireproofing, and re-painting costs. The cost does not end here; wood tends to rot and decay with time, but that’s not the case with metal.

The Looks

Many still hesitate to switch from traditional or steel buildings because of the wood’s aesthetic look and warm feel. But fear not, metal isn’t far behind in the race of appeal. Many metal dealers usually offer colors to match it with the existing building for a seamless look. Some metal builder goes beyond and gives attention to details like offering matching color screws.

After insulating a 60 x 40 metal building, you can add drywall and paint or use wallpaper of your choice. This way, you get a custom interior. Add finishing touches like artwork, decor items, or furniture as needed.

For the exterior, you can add facades like faux wood or stone, brick veneer, curved, 3D, or perforated metal panels with backlit LEDs. From a modern and sleek look to capturing traditional appeal, metal buildings offer it all.

Customization does not end here. To personalize it for residential or industrial use, you can add skylights, solar tubes, windows, exterior trim, vents, and many other features.

How Much 60 x 40 Metal Building Cost?

A metal building usually costs between $10 to $25 per square foot. But, a 2,400 square feet area is roughly the size of an average American home. Expect to pay somewhere around $45,000 for it.

The exact price will depend on accessories and other factors such as:

  1. Insulation
  2. Certification
  3. Vents
  4. No. of doors & windows
  5. Steel gauge
  6. Height
  7. Width
  8. Add-ons like gutter, downspout, trim, overhang, etc.

Note: Increasing height and width increases the overall cost, and more metal is required to support the structure.

Know The Versatility Of 60 x 40  Metal Building


Metal Barndo: The name is a combination of barn and dominium. It is a living quarter made of metal buildings. With the growing cost of traditional homes, it offers the privilege of owning a home with low maintenance.

Farm Vehicle Garage: A 60 x 40 metal garage can hold several farm vehicles, from tractors to ATVs. So, whether you are a farmer or an automobile enthusiast, a metal structure is best for overall protection. You can even expand it in the future.

Livestock Shelter: Owning and caring for farm animals such as cattle, horses, and chickens is essential as they are the farmer’s asset. Metal structures provide a healthy & safe environment for animals.


Automobile Shop: A car dealer and repair shop needs a robust structure that provides ample security and protection from the external environment.

Warehouse: Steel buildings make a great place to store goods. They are easy to install and expand and can bear daily wear & tear.

Retail Shop: The metal building has a lot of space, so you can stack items in racks and have enough aisle space for customers to walk through easily.

The versatility is not limited to these; there are many practical uses of 60′ wide metal buildings beyond your imagination.

Factors That Contribute to The Cost Of 60 x 40 Steel Building

Permit & Building Codes

To get permission to install any structure on your property, you will need to file for a permit with your local authority in the amount stated. Your metal building design must meet or exceed local zoning laws and regulations.

If not, you can still make changes to your blueprint and submit the correct version. I prefer ordering the building after the design is approved. Once ordered, any design changes will cost more.


2,400 square feet is a larger building, so it would be installed on a concrete slab of 4 to 8 inches’ thick. Hire a soil inspector to gauge the quality of your lot and advise you on the correct thickness and if the installation area needs to be dug out to fill with a fresh batch of soil.

A solid and robust foundation is the foundation of structural strength for any steel structure. Hence, if you do not have enough experience with construction, it is best to ask for professional help.

Labor Charges

This varies with location, but there are a few things that can help you decrease labor costs. Try keeping your 60 x 40 metal building design as simple as possible, adding only necessary accessories. The more complex your design is, the more time and labor it will need.

Try to clean and level the construction site before the crew arrives. This will speed up the process of laying the foundation. Choose a prefab metal structure. They are fast to assemble. Lastly, choose a bright day with good weather for installation.

Note: Some metal builders include shipping and installation in the final pricing. Asking about it will solve half of your problem of looking around and finding a reliable construction team.

To Review

You can design and plan your 60 x 40 metal building in multiple ways. From selecting a roof to accessories, add according to your needs and make your metal structure versatile. You can use it for agricultural or commercial applications.  

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