July 21, 2024

Backyard Security: Essential Tips for Ensuring Yard Safety

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Backyard Security

You can lock your house and know that is safe from intruders, but what about your backyard? If you’re concerned about your backyard security, especially during the summer months, you’re not the only one.

Many people find keeping their backyards safe and secure a bit challenging. It’s an open space and you can never predict when an intruder or burglar will strike.

So, how do you deter the intruders and keep your backyard secure? There are different ways to achieve this.

Simply by making it difficult to break into and escape your backyard, you will discourage intruders and thieves from attempting to even try. 

Here are some essential tips for ensuring backyard safety and security. 

Install outdoor security lights

Probably the easiest way to burglar-proof your backyard is with outdoor lighting. Various types of outdoor security lights or motion-sensing lights can help you keep your backyard safe and secure.

Outdoor security lights are one of the most effective and inexpensive ways of keeping your backyard and other outdoor areas safe. With the lighting, there will be no more dark corners and shadows for intruders to hide in. On top of that, installing lights in your backyard will prevent tripping and potential injuries.

The great thing about outdoor lighting is that you have many options. You can choose anything from efficient LEDs to eco-friendly solar security lights. Outdoor lights can also feature motion sensors, and timers, or be remotely activated. So choose what best works for you and your backyard.

Install a home security system

Home security systems have come a long way in the last decade. Now, in addition to securing your home, you can also secure and monitor your backyard. 

You can easily connect your home security system to your smartphone or laptop and it will send you information about any irregularity in your backyard. If someone is trying to break in, the system will sound the alarm and notify the police.

After initial installation expenses, maintaining alarms comes at a reasonable cost. So, by installing a home security system, you can have both your home and backyard protected even when you’re not home.

Install a fence

Many backyards are exposed and fair game for intruders because they don’t have a fence. Any kind of fence will be an obstacle for potential intruders and they will think twice before trying to break in.

The fence acts as a main barrier against intruders, while also indicating private property boundaries. So, you might want to make things difficult for burglars and intruders by installing a tall and difficult-to-climb fence.

Having a tall fence doesn’t mean sacrificing style; there are numerous options available that can complement your landscaping beautifully. You can install an iron fence with pointy spikes or opt for a tall brick wall fence.

Fortunately, for fences under 2 meters, no permit is necessary, but anything exceeding this height will require approval from your local council.

To make your fence more appalling and make it fit your landscape better, consider planting climbing plants next to it. For instance, a rose is a great option because it blooms nicely and has sharp thorns as an additional protection.

Secure your valuables

If you have expensive backyard equipment such as lawnmowers, barbeque grills, entertainment systems, and so on, make sure you secure them. Either cover them, keep them under lock and key, or hide them. TVs and sound systems will be most secure if you bring them in every night. This might be a hassle for you but it’s the only way not to tempt the burglars.

The only way to ensure the safety of your valuables is to keep them out of sight from opportunistic intruders and thieves. 

Keep your backyard storage locked

Your garage, shed, and other similar storage options should always be locked. Always secure and lock your backyard storage, especially when you’re not around.

There’s a widespread misconception that burglars won’t target sheds or garages in search of valuable items like high-end barbecues or pizza ovens.

To deter intruders, it’s essential to make access as challenging as possible. Secure your storage areas with sturdy padlocks and chains, ensuring nothing is left unlocked or easily accessible to potential intruders.

Use landscape as an intruder deterrent 

Backyards and properties with a lot of bushes and trees are perfect for intruders to hide and sneak in undetected. If you want to use landscaping as an intruder deterrent, you can, but you have to use it strategically. 

Burglar-proof landscaping requires planting low-growing plants and shrubbery so that you can have visual access to all your property and intruders don’t have where to hide.

As mentioned, you will benefit if you plant thorny plants such as hollies, roses, and cacti next to fences and gates. Also, you need to prune your vegetation regularly so that you have a clear view of all the doors.

Get a dog

A dog can be your perfect bouncer because a barking, growling dog sends a clear message that your backyard is restricted. 

Few intruders are willing to confront a dog and risk injury, regardless of the dog’s size and breed. 

If obtaining a dog isn’t an option, you can simulate the presence of one by displaying a warning sign on your fence. To make it appear more real, consider placing a dog bed or food bowl on your porch.

Display fake signs and security cameras

If installing an entire security system with cameras is too expensive for you at the moment, you can look into fake security installations. 

Even a fake security camera that has a red blinking light can deter potential intruders. 

Similarly, you can display fake signs and security system logos around your gate and backyard to deceive intruders into believing that your home is outfitted with an advanced alarm system. This could deter them from attempting a break-in.

Consider including your backyard in home insurance

Many home insurance policies provide coverage for your backyard to varying extents. You can include your backyard into insurance but before it’s advisable to review your policy to determine any limitations on coverage. 

You might discover that your bicycles are included in coverage, but only if they’re securely fastened to a fixed point or stored in a locked area.

Before finalizing your insurance choice, it’s crucial to take note of any single-item limits outlined in your policies—the maximum payout for an individual item. For example, high-value items such as premium BBQs or luxury garden furniture may surpass this limit. This means that you may need a separate listing on your policy for adequate coverage.


With any luck, you’ll never experience a backyard burglary. However, if you are concerned about the safety and security of your backyard, these couple of tips can come in handy.

Implementing these measures to enhance your security can significantly safeguard both you and your property in the long run.

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