April 20, 2024

6 Ways to Add Storage Space to Your Home

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It seems that no matter how big your house is, you could probably use a bit more space. Finding room to store life’s necessities and other personal items is a challenge for many. Making space can be even trickier for those with large families or who live in tight quarters. No matter what type of abode you have, a bit of creativity and planning is all it takes to find more room. Here are six ways to add storage space to your home.

1. Build a Loft

If someone in your house is handy, or if you have the budget to hire a professional, a relatively simple DIY project could be adding a loft to an open space in your home. A foyer with a high ceiling could be an ideal spot to build upward. Turning that unused space into a loft playroom, office, or storage area is a smart and useful idea.

2. Head Outdoors

Don’t despair if all of the open space in your home is currently being used. Think outside the box and head outdoors to get more room for storage. Perhaps you could enclose a deck or patio. Steel buildings are an excellent way to gain substantial square footage if you need to store large items.

3. Go Narrow

Think about the narrow spaces you have in your home. Those don’t have to be wasted. There are narrow cabinet and shelving units on the market meant for such skinny spots. You could also build your own. There are about four inches of usable space behind most walls. Carve out a space for a medicine cabinet and add a hinged mirror or door to cover it if you wish. You can place an over-the-door rack in your bathroom to keep extra beauty supplies and hygiene products or install a slide-out cabinet between the refrigerator and counter in your kitchen to store your canned goods.

4. Slide It Out

Speaking of slide-outs, there are probably lots of spots you could find more space by simply adding slide-out storage. Nothing is more frustrating than fighting to get a particular pot out of the cupboard when all the pots and pans are tightly stacked. Slide-out racks with hooks can solve this problem. You can also add slide-out bins or drawers underneath the sink to keep cleaning supplies neat and easily accessible.

5. Go Above and Below

Don’t forget to use that valuable real estate above and even below your cabinets. Storage bins can be labeled and placed on top of cabinets to store rarely used items. Under-the-cabinet drawers can sometimes be built or installed if you are willing to take on a small project. What about that space underneath your stairs? It can be utilized in a number of ways. Add a desk beneath and some shelving to create an office hideaway. A more in-depth project would be to install custom built-ins beneath the stairs with drawers, shelves, and cupboards to suit your specific needs.

6. Aim High

Some of the most unused space you probably have in your home might be the upper walls. They typically are left bare, but these areas could actually serve you quite well. Consider adding a ledge high above to store and display your fragile antique plate collection. Use tall, vertical wall space to hang extra blankets on a decorative ladder. Floating shelves are perfect for book storage. They can go up as high as you’d like to accommodate your entire collection.

Keep these tips in mind when you feel like you’re running out of room. Chances are, you just may have more storage space than you ever realized.

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